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Beef Cuts

More Information About Our Beef Cuts

Buy prime cuts of Fillet Steak, Sirloin, Tomahawk Steaks and more from Tom Hixson of Smithfield today and discover the highest quality beef on the market, sourced straight from only the most premium beef suppliers. From beef ribs straight to your door, to dry-aged t bone steaks, to classic cuts of sirloin steak and whole fillet of beef, Tom Hixson of Smithfield offers a wide range that’s made to cater for all occasions and meals. Whether you’re cooking up a summer barbecue or preparing for a family steak night, Tom Hixson has the perfect cut of beef for you.

As part of our beef collection, we are proud to offer a wide selection of Wagyu beef, one of the most sought-after brands in the world, including Wagyu brisket. Available in a variety of different cuts from Tom Hixson of Smithfield, Wagyu exudes mouth-watering flavour and intense marbling to create really succulent tastes that are second to none. Buy beef with Tom Hixson of Smithfield today for premium quality meat delivered directly to your doorstep. If you’re hungry for more, browse our vast range of pork where we offer everything from bacon to Iberico pork presa.

What is the Best Cut of Beef for Roasting?

If you’re looking for a delicious roasting joint to share with family and friends, we would recommend choosing your beef cut based on how you are cooking it. Slow-cooked chateaubriand results in rich flavours, whilst sirloin joints are great for roasting on the BBQ. To find more beef cuts for roasting, check out our extensive roasting joint range.

What Beef Steaks do We Offer?

Our beef range boasts a range of impressive steak cuts, from T-bone and Tomahawk steaks, to the classic Sirloin and Ribeye cuts. Each of our handpicked steaks offers unique qualities, textures, and flavours, perfect for any occasion.

What is Our Steak Club Subscription?

If you’re passionate about steak, why not try our steak club subscription? Try an array of rearing traditions, breeds and climates each month, which creates truly distinctive beef. Alongside the produce itself, you will receive details on the provenance which makes it so special, expert chef cooking tips, and sommelier wine pairing suggestions.

What Temperature Should You Cook Beef To?

The internal temperature to which you cook your cut of beef will depend on your desired level of doneness, and how thick your cut is.

Desired Doneness:

Remove From the Heat at:



Medium Rare




Medium Well


Well Done


Where do Our Beef Cuts Come From?

Our beef cuts come from a variety of farming producers across the globe. Producers at Rioplatense rear the finest Hereford and Angus cattle on the vast expanses of the Pampas Plains. Rangers Valley produces some of the globe’s most premium beef, including Wagyu Cross and 100% verified Black Angus beef.

Which Beef Cuts are Best for the BBQ?

Steaks are a popular choice of beef cut for the barbeque, as they are easy to prepare and the BBQ adds a delicious smokiness to what is already a great cut of meat. From ribs to Wagyu, to steak, and more, there are a variety of beef cuts you can cook on the BBQ. Our slow-grilled beef ribs recipe uses the delicious jumbo rack of Wexford Valley Short Ribs.

Recipes Using Our Favourite Beef Cuts

For the ultimate fine-dining steak, baste your beef with butter, garlic, and your favourite herbs. Feature our Marrow Dry-Aged Steak Burgers in your next BBQ alongside salad and coleslaw. If you’re looking for easy lunch ideas, try using our beef cuts in tacos, wraps, or salads.

Is Beef Meat From a Cow?

Yes, beef meat comes from a cow. ‘Beef’ is the culinary name for cattle.

What Is the Most Tender Beef Roast?

Chateaubriand is the most tender beef roast. The cut offers a melt-in-your-mouth quality and a wonderful depth of flavours, which is why it's known as one of the most luxurious beef roasts. Chateaubriand joints come from the loin of a cow, which gets very little exercise - resulting in uber-soft meat.

What is the Best Seasoning For Beef?

High-quality beef tastes great with a simple salt and pepper seasoning, however, the meat also does a brilliant job of soaking up herbs and spices. Rub your beef with mustard, cumin, or curry powder, or sprinkle your beef with fresh garden herbs including rosemary, mint, or thyme.

How Long Does It Take To Cook a Roast Beef Joint?

First, preheat your oven to 180 degrees Celsius, and cook the beef joint by its weight.

Medium rare – 20 minutes per 500g

Medium – 25 minutes per 500g

Well done – 30 minutes per 500g

How Do You Cook Beef Ribs?

If you are cooking ribs in the oven, cook at 200 degrees celsius in foil for 35 minutes. Wrapping in foil helps keep the meat moist and juicy. Remove the foil and cook for another hour before serving. If you are cooking on the grill, use a medium heat setting and turn every half an hour until cooked.

How Do You Cook Beef Brisket?

Beef brisket is best cooked low and slow on the grill for the ultimate flavours. Marinate your meat overnight before wrapping in foil or paper and grilling on low for four-five hours. Use a meat thermometer to measure the internal temperature before serving.

Is Beef Gelatine Halal?

This depends on a number of factors. Beef gelatine is halal providing the animal’s lifestyle and slaughter adheres to Islamic law. This includes various factors including being fed a 100% natural diet, and the blood being drained from the carcass before butchering takes place.

Should I Cover Beef in Foil When Roasting?

No, there is usually no need to cover beef in foil when roasting. However, you may want to if your meat has reached your desired level of browning before the entire cooking process has finished - this helps prevent burning. Beef ribs may also benefit from being wrapped when on the grill, as this helps sauces stick to the meat.

How Do I Make Beef Burgers?

Use high-quality beef or steak mince and start by combining with an egg and one diced onion. Add your favourite herbs and spices to the mix before splitting the mixture into evenly sized pieces. Shape each piece into a burger shape, cook on the grill and layer inside a bun with salad and sauce.

What Herbs Go With Beef?

We’d recommend seasoning your beef with rosemary, oregano, thyme, or basil. Beef also goes brilliantly with a fresh mint sauce and bay leaves.

What Can You Make With Mince Beef?

Beef mince can be used to make a number of dishes including chilli con carne, homemade burgers, spaghetti bolognese, or as a delicious pie filling. For an Asian-inspired recipe, try using beef mince in noodle dishes, or served on a bed of sticky rice.

What Do You Serve With Beef Wellington?

Serve beef Wellington alongside fresh seasonal vegetables that have been lightly sautéed or roasted. Mashed or dauphinoise potatoes work great alongside beef Wellington, before being drizzled with thick beef gravy.