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More Information on Pork

Our cuts of pork are available to bulk order, as is the rest of our succulent meat range. Buy beef in bulk from our award-winning butchery, with specially selected cuts that offer the finest of dining opportunities. Working with only the best pork suppliers in the industry, Tom Hixson of Smithfield's range of premium quality pork caters to every palate; offering everything from classic cuts of bacon in bulk to pork spare ribs.

If you’re looking for some of the most sought-after pork in the world, we are proud to offer a wide selection of one of the most distinguished brands; Iberico pork. With a natural diet, Iberico pork and Iberico presa offer unparalleled marbling and sensational flavours with tasty succulence.

For all your barbecue needs, browse our range of pork for BBQ where you’ll find an outstanding collection of gorgeous barbecue-ready cuts including burgers, pork collar, St Louis ribs and more Boston Butts for BBQ cooking.

Find the perfect meat accompaniments as well as a range of sauces designed to make every meal more exciting. Buy pork online from Tom Hixson of Smithfield today and discover premium quality meat as well as the convenience of having it delivered directly to your door. Ordering in bulk for your business? We are also a wholesale butcher who can provide large quantities of our pork.

Does Pork Need a Marinade?

Some pork cuts, like Iberico pork, remain a delicious meat without the need for a marinade, due to their natural nutty flavours. However, some cuts, such as pork ribs, are great for covering in rubs, glazes and marinades. You can season a pork collar with garlic, paprika, onion powder, mustard, and fennel. If you’re after a dish that is a little messier, try glazing pork ribs in a sticky BBQ marinade made from ketchup, soy sauce, brown sugar, and mustard.

How Should You Cook Pork Chops?

First heat oil in a hot pan, and seal your pork chops well on both sides. Once they have started to generate a golden brown colour, remove from the pan and rest for at least 15 minutes. If you’re looking for a pork chop meal idea, try serving your Iberico Pork Chops with chorizo & butter bean stew.

How Should You Cook a Pork Joint?

For boneless leg, loin roast, rack or shoulder of pork, cook the pork joint at 220ºC for 30 minutes. Once the first step has finished, turn your oven down to 180ºC and cook for a further 35 minutes per 500 grams. For pork fillet, cook the pork for 45 minutes per 500g and then an extra 45 minutes overall at 160ºC.

What is the Temperature of Cooked Pork?

High-quality pork supplied by Tom Hixson, can be safely enjoyed at an internal temperature of 63°C. To ensure your meat remains succulent and isn’t overcooked, we would recommend measuring the internal temperature with a meat thermometer, which can also be ordered online from Tom Hixson.

Is Pork a Red Meat?

Pork and all pork joints are considered red meat, even if it becomes lighter in colour once cooked. It is considered red meat as it is a livestock product, similar to beef.