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More Information on Picanha Steak

Perfect for roasting whole, or cutting into individual steaks, the Picanha offers delicious flavours in whatever way you use it. Certified Hereford Picanha are reared naturally in luscious grasslands and then expertly carved. The layer of fat surrounding the picanha renders through when cooked, creating succulent and rich flavours like no other. Try our Black Label Argentine Picanha for traditional South American grilling, or the Hereford Picanha for meat brought up in luscious grasslands.

If you are looking for an impressive table centrepiece, try the Tom Hixson Wagyu Picanha. In collaboration with our Irish farming partners, we have used our combined expertise and knowledge to produce a unique offering. This exclusive Picanha cut draws inspiration from the rich heritage and unparalleled flavour profile synonymous with the Wagyu breed whilst also adding new distinctive attributes. Our Wagyu beef is renowned for its impressive marbling, which results in sublime beef for every occasion.

How Should You Cook Picanha Steak?

First, rest your Picanha meat for 30 minutes outside the fridge until it reaches room temperature, and season generously with salt and pepper. Cook your steaks by heating oil in a pan on high heat, and placing your steak fat-side-down and sear for a few minutes on each side (cooking time may vary depending on the desired doneness). To ensure your tender cut of meat stays juicy, rest before serving.

For a step-by-step guide on cooking the perfect steak, watch our YouTube video.

What Cut of Beef is Picanha?

Picanha beef is cut from the rump cap and is the most prized cut of meat in Brazil. Holding an incredible amount of different flavours and textures, Picanha steak from Tom Hixson of Smithfield is masterfully cut to leave you with only the most succulent and rich features of the meat.

How Much Picanha Should be Served Per Person?

If you are serving your Picanha beef as individual steaks, you can cut the joint into slices that are 1.5-2 inches (between 3cm and 4cm) thick. This steak size ensures your steaks remain quick and easy to cook, without being able to easily overcook them.

How Do You BBQ Picanha?

The BBQ cooking process allows for the layer of fat surrounding the picanha fat to render through the tender meat, creating succulent and rich flavours. You can cook Picanha steaks on the BBQ as you would any other steak, with a simple seasoning, and a hot sear on each side for a few minutes, before resting and serving to your guests.

What Can You Serve With Picanha?

Since picanha is taken from Brazil its delicious flavours are even further enhanced when served with traditional Brazilian sides such as creamy refried beans, rice and garlicky greens.

What's The Difference Between Ribeye and Picanha?

Although both cuts of beef Picanha and Ribeye differ from each other, pichana has a lower fat content and it sits as a ‘cap’ rather than marbled through giving it its lovely tender juicy texture making it ideal for grilling. Whereas ribeye has a higher fat content adding to its delicious flavour making it perfect for pan frying.

Is Tri Tip And Picanha The Same?

Although both are categorised as sirloin cuts, they come from different parts of the sirloin. Picanha contains more marbling, giving it a juicy, fattier texture through its fat cap whereas tri-tip is a leaner cut of the sirloin.

Do You Eat The Fat Cap On Picanha?

In short, yes you can eat the fat cap on a picanha, it adds and holds a host of delicious flavours and should be enjoyed just as much as the rest of the meat.