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Alternative Cuts of Beef

More Information On Alternative Beef Cuts

Our alternative cut collection is worth exploring if you are after lesser-known but just as impressive cuts of beef. For your next dinner party, try our Beef Bone In Shin - also known as Thor’s Hammer. Guaranteed to wow your guests, not only does this cut offer a unique appearance, but it also offers a delicious flavour and tenderness.

If you’re after a high-quality beef cut that is perfect for sandwiches and salads, try the British Cured Salt Beef joint. After you’ve slow-cooked this beef to perfection, try layering it between soft white bread, Emmental cheese, and gherkins for the perfect lunchtime treat.

The alternative cuts range also includes our Freygaard Choco Roasting Joint, our very own Tom Hixson Wagyu Tri-Tip, Hereford Picanha, Beef Bavette, and more. If you’re looking for the usual beef cuts, check out our roasting joints, sirloin steaks, and our popular beef burgers. If you’re after something different but just as delicious, we also offer pork, lamb, and poultry, available to bulk order online for delivery within the UK.

What is the Best Alternative Cut of Beef for Roasting?

Find unique, yet just as flavoursome alternative beef joints for your next festive or Sunday dinner. What you choose is up to your preferences and your preferred flavours, but all the beef cuts we carry offer sublime textures and flavours. The Freygaard Choco Roasting Joint is masterfully carved from the silverside and is known for its depth of flavour. For the best results, we suggest a slow cooked roast. This tenderises the meat and allows the rich flavours to render throughout the joint.

If you love a beef cut with sensational marbling, order the Miguel Vergara Aberdeen Angus Roasting Joint. The cattle’s tranquil lifestyle and comfortable living conditions allow for the development and maturation of intramuscular fat, resulting in tender, flavoursome beef.

If you want to browse a selection of other beef roasting joints from our butchers, view our beef roasting joints range, or our whole poultry joints.

What is the Best Alternative Steak Cut?

We offer a range of unusual steaks here at Tom Hixson. Our Wagyu Flank Steak has been created in collaboration with our Irish farming partners. We have used our combined expertise and knowledge to produce a unique offering with an unparalleled flavour profile synonymous with the Wagyu breed, whilst also offering a touch of sweetness to each bite.

Try the USDA CHOICE Denver Steak, which is one of our butcher’s top picks. Denver steaks are textured, with nice beefy flavour and feature a good amount of marbling, making them great for a number of dishes.

If you’re a steak lover on the lookout for new steaks to try every month, why not join our Steak Subscription Club? Each month, you’ll receive a selection of exclusive handpicked steaks from our finest producers, along with sommelier wine pairings, and expert cooking tips from our chefs.

What Cuts of Beef are Available at Tom Hixson?

Here at Tom Hixson of Smithfield we carefully handpick all of our alternative cuts of beef from specialists across the globe to ensure our meat products are of the highest quality and grade. Choose from delicious tomahawk, ribeye, or sirloin steaks, delicious brisket for the BBQ or whole beef roasting joints for your next Sunday roast dinner.

All of the high-quality products shown on our website are available to order in bulk quantities, for delivery within the UK. We don’t just specialise in beef - browse our chicken, lamb, pork, and deli range for more delicious products.