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Halal: Meat Boxes

More Information on Halal Meat Boxes

We offer a range of delicious halal products here at Tom Hixson. As a certified halal produce provider, we ensure all meat cuts are fully traceable and are butchered adhering to Islamic law. All our delicious produce is delivered to us boxed and vacuum packed so there is no chance of cross-contamination with the other meat ranges that we stock.

Our halal chicken box comes with a huge 5kg of chicken. Unrivalled in juiciness, tastiness and succulence, our chicken breasts are lean and naturally rich in protein. No salt or water is added during the butchering process to ensure each skinless fillet, once cooked, does not shrink and remains deliciously meaty.

What Makes Meat Halal?

Halal meat is a type of meat that adheres to Islamic laws which govern how it is reared and slaughtered. To be classed as halal, the meat is required to be slaughtered via a cut to the jugular vein, carotid artery and windpipe. It also states that halal meat cannot contain alcohol and the animal must be fed a vegetarian diet and must not be treated with growth hormones or antibiotics. Check out our full range of halal meat here.

Are Halal Meat Boxes Worth it?

If you’re a meat lover, who likes to try a selection of interesting and delicious meat cuts, our halal meat boxes are perfect for you. Our boxes come with a large quantity of meat, and a discounted bulk rate, which also makes them a great size for parties and events.

How Regularly are Halal Meat Boxes Delivered?

Our halal meat delivery boxes can be delivered as frequently as you like! Choose to get your halal meat box delivered weekly, every two weeks, every four weeks, every six weeks, or every twelve weeks.

Looking For Other Halal Meat Options?

Here at Tom Hixson, we also supply a selection of other halal meat cuts. Take a look through our current offerings, including halal beef, halal lamb meat and our high quality chicken halal meat. This can be found alongside our superbly marbled and flavoursome halal wagyu beef and halal burgers made from Wagyu steak- ideal if you’re looking for something extra special.