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Halal Beef Fillet

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We work with the world’s finest producers to bring you the highest quality halal beef available on the market. With excellent marbling and exquisite flavours in every cut, all of our halal beef fillets will leave your mouth watering with every bite. Roast whole for a family Sunday dinner, or slice into steaks for an easy midweek meal.

Our range includes the popular Black Label Argentine Fillet, which boasts spectacular levels of tenderness, and only gets better when slow-cooked. The Argentine cattle have a global reputation for producing beef with a luxury quality, providing a great dining experience every time.

Chateaubriand is the perfect halal beef fillet cut for serving at dinner parties to impress guests. Carved from the top of the fillet, chateaubriand is the most tender and luxurious cut. Included in our range are the Halal Wexford Valley Chateaubriand and the  Halal Black Label Argentine Chateaubriand (Rioplatense).

If you follow a halal diet and want to find restaurant-quality beef at competitive prices, look no further than Tom Hixson of Smithfield. Our range includes delicious halal poultry, sirloin steak, lamb, special offers, and more. Get free delivery with all orders over £100 - delivered straight to your door.


Halal Beef Fillet FAQs

Where Does a Halal Beef Fillet Come From?

While a beef fillet can sometimes mean any boneless cut of meat, a fillet is actually cut from the lower part of the cow’s back. More specifically, the area which sits beneath the ribs next to the backbone and forms part of the sirloin. Beef fillet is one of the least worked muscles in a cow, resulting in uber-soft meat with a buttery texture.

To ensure you are getting quality beef that adheres to Islamic law, it’s important that you choose a producer that provides full traceability back to the producers. This ensures that no cross-contamination takes place during the butchering or shipping process.

You can buy quality halal beef products online from Tom Hixson, with full peace of mind from our halal certificate. All of our halal produce is fully certified to meet strict halal standards to ensure the meat adheres to Islamic laws relating to the rearing and slaughtering methods of the animal.


How Do You Cook Halal Beef Fillet?

A Halal beef fillet can either be kept whole as a roasting joint, or sliced into thick steaks. Bring your meat to room temperature before cooking to ensure the soft texture is retained throughout cooking.

To roast whole:

  •  First seal the edges in a pan on high heat - this helps to lock in the beef’s juices. 

  • Once you have formed a golden crust, add your joint to a large roasting dish along with seasonal root vegetables. 

  • Add into a preheated oven at 180 degrees for roughly 30-40 minutes. 

  • Cook until the halal beef fillet has reached your desired doneness (we like ours cooked medium for the most tender texture and flavour).

Fillet steaks may be thicker than your classic sirloin or ribeye (depending on how thick you cut them) so be aware that they may take longer to cook. Cook as you would any other normal steak, for a couple of minutes on each side before basting with butter, garlic, and fresh herbs. Use a temperature probe to measure the internal temperature, and cook until the steak has reached your desired doneness.


Halal Meal Inspiration Using Beef Fillet

Halal beef fillets are a wonderful versatile cut of beef. Wrap in buttery pastry for a classic beef wellington, cut into strips and use in an Asian-inspired stir fry, or thinly slice and serve as part of a warm beef salad.

Serve your Tom Hixson chateaubriand alongside creamy mashed potatoes, with lightly sauteed vegetables. Drizzle your halal beef with a rich gravy. 

To make the gravy:

  • lightly fry shallots in a spoonful of butter, before adding garlic, thyme, salt and pepper. 

  • Add a small teaspoon of flour before adding beef stock and leftover beef juices whilst stirring continuously.

  • Bring the boil and let simmer for fifteen minutes until the gravy has thickened. 

  • Serve in a jug or pour directly over your sliced halal beef.