Beef Cuts Guide

Not sure which cut of beef to choose for your dish? Take a look at our beef cuts guide below. We show you which cuts are best for each preferred cooking method.


You can shop all cuts mentioned from our online butchers. We offer quality cuts of whole ribeye,beef sirloin and fillet steak online. You can also buy tomahawk steaks, T-bones, whole brisket and chuck/ Denver steak from our gourmet range too, alongside beef bavette and rump steak delivered straight to your door.


Here at Tom Hixson, we have a wide range of Poultry for you to enjoy, including various Halal options. Naturally reared and full of flavour, we’re proud to offer an extensive selection of chicken, from Jumbo Chicken Wings, Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs, Chicken Breasts, and Whole Chickens. Our Turkey Rashers are a great alternative to pork, and our delicious Whole Turkeys and Turkey Butterflies are available seasonally. Order today and prepare delicious meals, delivered straight to your door.


We’re proud to offer an extensive range of pork, from expertly reared British Pork to lauded Iberico Pork. Our products cover all your dining needs, from our Pancetta or Parma Ham to our customer-favourite Pork Sausages and Pork Bacon - including a Dry-Cured Bacon range. 

Enjoy a barbeque with our wide selection of Pork Ribs, and impress with our alternative cuts such as an Iberico Pork Abanico. Create delicious family meals with centrepieces like our Pork Loin, Boston Butt, or Iberico Pork Chops. Order today for spectacular dining moments, delivered straight to your door.  


Explore our Fresh Lamb Range, with an array of Halal options. Butchered off of the bone for your ease, indulge in centrepieces such as the Lamb Roasting Joint or Lamb Shoulder. We’re proud to have a wide range of lamb from New Zealand, featuring Lamb Shanks, Lamb Rack and Lamb Leg Steaks. All are perfect when barbequed, especially our British Lamb Ribs. Order today for spectacular dining moments delivered straight to your door.