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Iberico Pork

More Information on Iberico Pork

As one of the most well-distinguished and most sought-after brands of pork in the culinary world at the moment, Iberico pork is a must-try for all meat lovers. Reigning from the Iberian Peninsula, the acorns in the landscape play a great role in the animals’ diet, which results in outstanding flavours and gorgeous marbling. Working with specially chosen Iberico pork farmers, we have created this high-quality selection of pork that’ll leave your mouth watering. 

Iberico Presa can be paired with buttered potatoes or fries, roast vegetables, and a lavish Pinot Noir for an unforgettable dining experience. Our highly-marbled Iberico pork chops can be marinated in seasonal herbs and served alongside warming stews and hearty veg for a delicious evening meal. 

Iberico pork ribs are great for impressing family and friends at your next summer BBQ. If you’re looking for more BBQ meats, check out our BBQ meats which feature everything from the best cuts of pork for BBQ, to sauces and sides. 

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What is Iberico Pork?

Iberico pork is pork that comes from the Black Iberian Pig, which is native to Portugal and parts of Spain. The pig’s diet, which is rich in acorns, has an impact on the flavour and texture of the meat. Iberico pork is deliciously nutty in flavour, and offers a unique twist to traditional pork cuts. Often described as the 'Wagyu of Pork' due to its unparalleled marbling, the Iberico pork has a buttery mouthfeel and is incredibly tender and juicy. 

How Should You Cook Iberico Pork?

Iberico Presa is a fantastic cut of pork, known for its tenderness and rich flavour. To preserve the natural flavours, it’s best to cook Iberico Presa medium-rare instead of well done. Simply season your pork with salt and pepper, and seal in the juices with a hot frying pan for 5 minutes on each side. Once your pork has a golden crust, transfer to a preheated oven at 180ºc for ten minutes. Find out more about cooking Iberico Presa in our recipe blog

Does Iberico Pork Need a Marinade?

Iberico pork is a well-marbled meat that results in a tender and succulent meat, allowing for rich flavours that need minimal seasoning. Our chefs usually stick with a simple salt and pepper seasoning on the meat, but you could also experiment with other flavours such as thyme or paprika. 

If you want to get experimental, try making your own Iberico pork marinade paste by blending together garlic, cumin, thyme leaves, smoked paprika, mustard, fennel, and brown sugar. This can be rubbed into your Iberico pork chops and left to infuse with the meat overnight. Find out how our chefs use this marinade on Iberico pork in our food blog