Halal Information

At Tom Hixson of Smithfield, we have meticulously sourced and made available an extensive range of gourmet Halal products. 

We can provide full farm to fork traceability for all of our halal produce. This includes information on the slaughtering, exporting and importing of all the halal meat that we sell. All our produce is delivered to us boxed and vacuum packed so there is no chance of cross contamination with the other meat ranges that we stock. 

All of our halal produce is fully certified to meet strict halal standards to ensure the meat adheres to Islamic laws relating to the rearing and slaughtering methods of the animal. 

For further info on the traceability of our halal produce, please watch our video below. 

Please Note - The 25% offer has now ended. The discount code is no longer valid for use.

Our Range

We supply a full range of gourmet Halal meats here at Tom Hixson of Smithfield. From Wagyu to USDA, you will find an entire range of high end Halal produce available. Browse our hand-selected cuts of fillet, ribeye, sirloin and more within our halal meats section.