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Chorizo Sausages

What is chorizo sausage made of?

Chorizo sausages are made from an expert blend of pork, herbs and spices. Our Iberico Chorizo Link Sausages are produced with Iberian pork, paprika, salt and garlic, while our Criollo Chorizo Sausages are a combination of herbs and spices, ground pork and bacon.

How do you cook chorizo sausage?

Chorizo is a highly versatile sausage that can be cooked in several different ways. Suitable for a variety of dishes, Chorizo can be grilled, fried or roasted depending on the type of meal you are creating.

Why not try our recipe for chicken and chorizo kebabs? Perfect for the grill, these kebabs from Artust BBQ are ideal for your outdoor dining this summer.