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Pork Bacon

More Information on British Bacon

Our dedicated producers are free-range pig farmers and let their swine roam outdoors throughout their lives. Our exclusive range of pork comes from Hampshire, Berkshire, and Gloucester Old Spot boars. These breeds offer superior eating quality through enhanced flavour, tenderness, and succulence.

Ordinarily, we serve smoked back bacon, which gives an additional flavour through smoked wood shavings. Some people can find this smoky flavour overwhelming for their purposes so for those we also carry unsmoked back bacon. So if you prefer something a little less smoky, but still just as flavourful, try the British Unsmoked Dry Cured Back Bacon. This fantastic cut is rubbed and cured for seven days, and then trimmed for the perfect rach of bacon.

Each product is expertly trimmed by our master butchers before it's delivered to you. Buy bacon online today, alongside our award-winning sausages, and taste our quality produce. We provide pork in bulk too, allowing you to buy bacon in bulk at unbeatable, wholesale prices.

What is the Difference Between Streaky and Back Bacon?

The main difference between streaky and back bacon is the fat content. Streaky bacon (sometimes called side bacon) comes from the belly or side of the pig and is fattier. On the other hand, back bacon comes from the pork loin in the middle of the pig and has a lower fat content.

What Recipes Can I Use Pork Bacon in?

Bacon can be used in several fantastic recipes, including English breakfast, a signature BLT and even bacon pancakes with maple syrup. What bacon to use will also come down to personal taste but go for English back bacon if you want a leaner option or streaky bacon for extra flavour.

How Should You Cook British Bacon?

There are a range of different ways that you can cook bacon. For extra crispiness, pat your bacon rashers dry with paper towels. Then, lay them out in a pan with hot oil, trying not to overlap any pieces. Cook on high for a couple of minutes on each side. To get rid of excess oil, lay the cooked bacon pieces onto a paper towel before serving.

What Cut is Pork Bacon?

Pork bacon comes from any area that has a high-fat content. Traditional British back bacon comes from the back of the pig (also known as the pork loin), while American-style streaky bacon, also known as side bacon, is cut from the pork belly.

Does British Bacon Need Seasoning?

The best part about our classic British bacon rashers is that they don’t need any seasoning whatsoever. The long curing process works to add delightful rich flavours that stand out without the need for any extra flavours. The strong taste of bacon can also help add flavour to other meals, such as stews, salads, and pasta dishes.

Is There a Difference Between American and British Bacon?

The biggest difference between American and British bacon is in the way it is most often served. In the US, streaky bacon, which has a higher fat content, is favoured and is most often served as strips. On the other hand, back bacon is preferred in the UK and is served in the form of more rounded strips.

Do We Do Other Bacon Cuts?

Yes, we do. Although our most popular type of bacon is a cut of pork from a pig, we also offer bacon rashers from turkey and beef. Our turkey rashers are a popular choice for those following a halal diet. The beef bacon tastes just as juicy and succulent as pork bacon, and you will be amazed at the flavour it adds to a variety of dishes!

Where Can I Buy Premium Bacon From?

You’re in the right place as we’ve got a huge range of premium bacon products. This fantastic British Dry Cured Smoked Streaky Bacon, for example, is hung over oak wood chippings for eighteen hours after being expertly butchered. The lengthy smoking process results in unique flavours, perfect for your next fry-up.