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Chicken Wings

More Information on Chicken Wings

Ideal for feeding a crowd, our jumbo chicken wings are the perfect choice for summer barbeques and family get-togethers alike! This tasty finger food can be made exactly to your liking, perhaps with a sticky finger-licking sauce, or a simple dry rub.

Our wings are cut by our specialist butchers, who are experts in producing quality cuts of chicken. We have worked closely with the premier chefs of London, and now our award-winning range of chicken is available to our online members with delivery to your door.

If you’re buying for a BBQ, be sure to explore our range of delicious British sausages, which are made by our partners at P&M. For a halal alternative, try our jumbo halal chicken wings online, which are carefully packed to ensure no cross-contamination with our other products.

How Many Chicken Wings do you get per Kilogram?

The number of chicken wings you get per kilogram will vary according to the size of the wing. On average, a 1kg pack of chicken wings will contain approximately 9-12 pieces.

Our jumbo chicken wings come with a large amount of meat on the bone, so you should expect to be able to feed 25 people with the pack (based on a portion size of 200g per person).

How Should You Marinate Chicken Wings?

Marinating your chicken helps to tenderise the wings, and make them more flavorful. The longer you can leave your chicken in the marinade, the more flavour they soak up, and the more delicious they become. When it comes to flavouring chicken wings, there are a number of recipes depending on your personal preference. You can opt for the popular BBQ sauce, or a spicy Gochujang marinade for your wings.

If you’re after the classic American dining experience, opt for a buffalo marinade and serve with a tangy blue cheese sauce. Buffalo marinade can be made out of a few simple ingredients, or you can buy our favourite Sauce Shop buffalo sauce, stocked on our website.

How Do You Cook Chicken Wings?

To oven-cook chicken wings, drizzle with vegetable oil and your favourite seasoning and roast in a preheated oven at 220 degrees celsius for 20 minutes. To give your chicken wings crispy skin on both sides, you should then flip your wings and cook for a further 25 minutes at 180 degrees celsius

If you prefer deep-fried chicken wings, use a neutral oil (such as canola oil) to ensure no unwanted flavours are added to your chicken. Fry your wings in small batches until golden brown, which should take 8 to 10 minutes. To get rid of excess oil, place your wings on paper towels before serving.