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More Information About our BBQ Meat Range

Bulk ordering is available on all of our products, including our BBQ meats. Bulk ordering is available on all of our products, including our BBQ meats. Choose from our extensive selection, which includes bulk burgers, mince and more. Barbecuing has never been easier with Tom Hixson of Smithfield’s meats for BBQs and smokers, offering everything from beef to mouthwatering sauces that are designed to make barbecuing more flavourful and exciting. 

Whether you’re hosting a summer barbecue or a winter-time grill, Tom Hixson of Smithfield has got your every barbecue need covered. As one of the most popular cuts of beef for barbecuing, our range of BBQ short ribs offers everything from short ribs to spare ribs. Paired perfectly with a BBQ sauce, ribs are known for being incredibly tasty with meat simply falling off the bone when cooked to perfection. 

With a vast range of delicious BBQ meats online, our collection also features the likes of beef brisket for smoking and classic steak burgers. For those wanting to purchase a variety of different meats to cook together, check out our BBQ meat box that provides you with a range of different meats including brisket and ribs. Browse Tom Hixson of Smithfield's vast BBQ range today and discover the convenience of having premium quality meats delivered directly to your door.

Which Types of Meat Can be Cooked on a BBQ?

Almost everything can be cooked using a BBQ, including beef, lamb, pork, and poultry. However, there are some cuts of meat that are more suitable for barbecuing than others. We’d recommend Sirloin, Ribeye, Tomahawk, Porterhouse and Picanha steaks, as well as Steak Burgers and Short Ribs. We love grilling meat here at Tom Hixson, and you can find all of our favourite BBQ recipes on our food blog. 

Try our Slow Grilled Beef Ribs, created by Artust BBQ. This recipe shows you how to slow-cook our Jumbo Beef Ribs with a simple salt and pepper seasoning. Pair with a colourful rainbow coleslaw for the perfect party platter. 

If you’re after a BBQ joint that is a little more show-stopping, our Miguel Vergara Aberdeen Angus Brisket is ideal for you. For step-by-step instructions on how to smoke this joint to perfection, read our latest food blog post

What is the Best Marinade for BBQ Meat? 

Although the classic BBQ sauce is the go-to for slathering over our quality meat joints, it’s hard to choose which marinade is the best. Think about the type of meat you are grilling, and your preferred flavours. If you’re cooking an impressive Wagyu Steak, we’d recommend letting the delicious buttery flavours shine through on their own. If you are preparing our Jumbo Chicken Wings, a spicy Gochujang or tangy blue cheese sauce might complement your meat well. Browse our range of Sauce Shop products, which help to elevate any BBQ food this summer. 

How Can I Stop Meat Sticking to my BBQ Grill? 

To stop your BBQ meat from sticking to your grill and burning, lightly brush on vegetable oil to the metal before cooking. Oil will help to create a barrier between the BBQ and the meat, helping to reduce sticking.

The Ultimate BBQ Meat Bundle

Our BBQ Meat Box is a fantastic offering and is the ideal purchase for all your summer barbecues. Jam-packed with quality meat, including cuts that are ideal for barbecuing and smoking. Our BBQ meat box features the ever-popular Miguel Vergara Angus Beef Brisket, alongside firm favourites, Wexford Valley Short Ribs and the USDA St Louis Ribs. These much-loved cuts are the ultimate smoking meats, which is exactly why we have included them in our latest barbecue bundle. Order this box and you’ll receive a whopping 9.2kg of meat all in one pack for just £140. We also offer a selection of other meat boxes, which can be found here.