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Ribeye Steak

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If you’re looking for a delicious steak, offering rich buttery flavours, unique marbling, and a melt-in-your-mouth texture, try ribeye steaks from Tom Hixson of Smithfield. We work with the globe’s finest producers to source high quality cattle, which are then carved by our master butchers.

Made in collaboration with our Irish farming partners, our Tom Hixson Wagyu Ribeye is one of the best cuts money can buy. Expect unbeatable sweet flavours, whether cooked on the grill or on the stovetop.

For everyday dining, try the Hereford Beef Ribeye, which is perfectly trimmed and an ideal joint for cutting your own steaks. This joint is expertly cut out from the eye of the fore rib by our master butchers, who ensure the perfect fat to meat ratio on each of their cows.

Browse our range of dry aged Rib eye steak today, or discover premium quality Rump steak and whole fillet of beef to suit a range of different tastes. Need a large order? No problem! You can order bulk ribeye steaks from our award winning butchery and bulk sirloin steaks too.

What Part Of the Cow is Ribeye?

Ribeye steaks are cut from the rib area of a cow, also called the primal. The cut contains a few fatty muscles, which gives the steak it's wonderful depth of flavour. The steaks tend to be cut from ribs towards the front of the cow, as these muscles are used less, making the beef softer.

Do Ribeye Steaks Have Bones?

This will depend entirely on the cut that you go for, as ribeyes can be bone-in or boneless, we offer both here at Tom Hixson. If you choose a bone-in cut of ribeye, your cut will have a more impressive appearance, as the rib bone runs a few inches beyond the steak.

Is Ribeye a Good Steak?

Ribeye steaks offer a delicious depth of beefy flavour, due to their high fat content and marbling throughout the cut. During the cooking process, the fat renders down and infuses the meat with buttery flavours.

Is Ribeye a Cheap Cut?

You won’t get restaurant-quality ribeye steaks at a cheap price tag, due to the time and care that goes into producing and butchering this type of steak.

Which is Better, Sirloin or Ribeye?

If choosing between ribeye or sirloin, ribeye cuts are considered to be some of the tastiest as their marbling ensures the beef doesn’t become dry. When the fat is cooked, it’s melted into the steak to create an extra juicy flavour with a moist and tender texture. Sirloin is often leaner but still provides plenty of succulent tender meat.

What is the Best Way To Cook Ribeye?

Be sure to get the meat to around room temperature before cooking, this allows the steak to cook more evenly. Heat a pan to a high temperature, and meanwhile season your steak to taste. Place the meat in the pan and leave it alone to cook. Bear in mind that ribeye steak is best cooked to at least medium-rare to allow the fat time to render down and give the meat more flavour. Cook evenly on both sides then allow the meat to rest for 5 minutes before seasoning and serving.

What Herbs Go With Ribeye Steak?

When we baste our steak, we choose to add thyme and rosemary, as we find these complement the meat beautifully, creating a wonderful blend of flavours that are perfect for serving alongside chips and vegetables You could add anything that is in season for a slightly different flavour, including oregano, basil, or parsley.

What Can I Serve With Ribeye Steak?

If you’re serving your ribeye as part of an at-home steak night, serve alongside homemade chunky chips flaked with sea salt. For a little extra colour on your plate, you could swap out your potatoes for sweet potatoes. If you’re serving your steak as part of a dinner party, choose sides of creamed spinach and lightly roasted vegetables.

How Many Calories Are in a Ribeye Steak?

There are around 580 calories in a 200g ribeye steak (not including the bone). The calorie content in a ribeye may increase during the cooking process, depending on how you cook it and what you cook it with.