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The Black Label Argentine Rioplatense beef is extra special as, not only is it Argentine, but it is from Argentine Hereford & Angus cattle. This only serves to enhance the already delicious Argentine Ribeye and make it truly spectacular. Our Argentine producers ensure our cows have a tranquil relaxed lifestyle as they roam around the Pampas plains; this results in beef that is tender and succulent. The grass-fed finish of the cows also ensures that there are great health benefits to this beef- for example, it is rich in Omega 3 and 6.

The ribeye is butchered from the Argentine Hereford & Angus cattle and is a joint that is naturally predisposed towards good marbling and, as a result, can be perfect as a roasting joint or as individual steaks. Either way, its amazing taste is testimony of the great care and attention that has gone into its production.

Whatever method you decide to use when you cook it, it is worth mentioning that due to the grass-fed nature of the beef, care must be taken to ensure the beef is not cooked too quickly or overcooked, as this will lead to tough or chewy beef. But treat it well and you will be delighted!