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Halal: Special Offers

More Information On Our Halal Meat Offers

Just because the meat in this section is discounted, it doesn’t mean that it's of lesser quality than our usual halal meat. The products included here are simply to make room in our range for new and exciting products, or cuts that are out of season. Discounts included in this range can sometimes reach 50% off, which is a fantastic opportunity to stock your freezer with quality halal meat from Tom Hixson of Smithfield.

If you’re looking for a flavoursome swap to pork sausages, try our juicy Halal Wagyu Hot Link Sausages. Perfect alongside creamy mashed potatoes and your favourite roasted vegetables, or perhaps at your next summer BBQ.

Try the Grass Fed Picanha Joint to feed the whole family at Iftar. Coming from breeders in Uruguay, the beef gets clean air, plentiful water and lush green pastures, to allow Hereford and Angus breeds to range and graze freely, to eat and live naturally – reducing stress and promoting better animal welfare. The lush lifestyle lived by the cattle results in a delicate combination of beefy flavours and a beautiful texture.

Also included in our halal meat sale are the Black Label Argentine Sirloin (Rioplatense), Uruguayan Grass-Fed Angus Rumptail, and the Uruguayan Grass Fed Rump Heart.

Are Meat Offers the Same Quality as Our Other Products?

All of the delicious products we stock here at Tom Hixson, from our halal chicken to halal sirloin steaks, are sourced from some of the finest producers in the world. Everything is hand cut by our master butchers in London before being shipped to you. Don’t just take our word for it, have a look at our reviews from many happy customers on Feefo.

Halal Meat Gift Cards

If you have a birthday or anniversary coming up for one of your foodie friends, why not treat them to a Tom Hixson gift card? Available to use with any product on our website, our gift cards give the lucky giftee the chance to splurge on delicious Halal Wagyu Steak, a Halal Wexford Valley Chateaubriand, or flavoursome Aberdeen Angus Short Ribs. Our meat gift vouchers come in a value of £10-£250.

Halal Meat Boxes

If you enjoy getting high quality meat at a wholesale, discounted rate, you may enjoy our Meat Boxes. All halal meat products included in the boxes are hand-selected from the world’s finest producers and butchered by our expert team. Each meat box comes with hand picked cuts of decadent meat, which can be used in a number of recipes, or at your next summer BBQ. Not only do we save you the time-consuming job of choosing your meats, but you will get your meat at a discounted bulk rate, as much as £20.