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Rump Steak

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Featuring beef from the UK, USA and Canada, we offer premium rump steaks that come from a wide range of origins and feeds. Our wide selection includes beef that’s marbled like no other, offering aromatic flavours and rich textures that are unrivalled anywhere else. With various cuts from the rump on offer including the Waygu rump heart and the Argentine beef rump heart, our range of rump steak is second to none.

For beef rump steak delivered directly to your door, look no further than Tom Hixson of Smithfield. Not only do we offer the most superior quality steaks, but allow you to buy rump steak online that packs an abundance of flavours and textures.

What Is Rump Steak?

As the name states, rump steak is a cut that comes from the rear back of the cow. It is located in between the sirloin and topside and is a firm cut of meat. The rump is a cut of beef that isn’t quite as tender as sirloin, but it makes up for it with delicious flavour.

Which Is Better, Sirloin Or Rump Steak?

When choosing between sirloin or rump, rump is a much larger cut in comparison with a firmer texture giving it its excellent juicy flavour whereas sirloin is quite a lean cut, giving it a more tender succulent texture.

Browse our range of rump steak today, or discover other variants of beef available such as the Sirloin steak and Fillet steak. We fulfil large orders too, simply choose your quantity for bulk rump steak or bulk ribeye steak delivered to a location of your choice.

How Do You Cook Rump Steak In A Pan?

Allow the rump steak to come to room temperature before cooking. For the perfect medium-rare, sear the rump steak in a pan on high heat for three minutes on each side. Leave to rest for a couple of minutes before slicing and serving.

How Do You Cook Rump Steak In The Oven?

To give your steak a more tender and juicy taste, sear your rump steak for three minutes on each side. Then place your steak in the oven for 10-15 minutes, take out and rest the meat for a minimum of 10 minutes before serving.

What Can You Do With Rump Steak?

Rump steak is ideal for grilling or frying due to its firmness and size and pairs perfectly with handmade chips and salad. If you’re looking to prepare a barbecue, thinly slice the beef for optimum results or thinly sliced rump steak is perfect for a delicious stir fry.

How Do You Tenderise Rump Steak?

To make your rump steak more tender, break down the fibres of the meat. This is done through preparation in three ways - either seasoning, marinating or hammering the meat. Season Your steak with salt and black pepper an hour before cooking to give the seasoning time to break down the fibres and also to enhance the juicy flavours.

What Can You Serve with Rump Steak?

Rump steak is delicious served with crispy fries and sautéed mushrooms and why not try a delicious rump steak recipe with a tantalising Béarnaise sauce to enhance the succulent juicy flavours of the steak.

Is Rump Steak Tough Or Tender?

Rump is cut from the backside of the cow, an area that is very stimulated during the cows raising period, so it is often a more tough then tender, however this tough texture helps to give it its deliciously juicy taste, as the flavourful connective tissues break down during the cooking process.

What's Another Name for Rump Steak?

Rump steak is also known as ‘bottom’ or ‘round’ steak based on the location in which it is butchered from, which is typically the buttocks of the cow.