What Is Wholesale Gourmet

We are the home of wholesale gourmet. This is encapsulated by three key areas:

Higher Quality

Our careful sourcing process has been developed over many years to identify the best producers from Britain and around the world. Once we find the most skilled farmers, we build working relationships with them. Using our combined expertise and experience, we review their breed selection and rearing techniques, whilst ensuring the surroundings and lifestyle of animals combine perfectly to create produce of the highest standard. This time and effort has been rewarded with numerous accolades including Great Taste Awards and gold medals at the World Steak Challenge. Ultimately, we are the go to place for produce if you want a fine dining experience for you and your guests. Michelin star chefs and London's finest restaurants have utilised our offering since 1963 and now home cook enthusiasts like yourself can do the same. 

Larger Quantity

You will notice we have bigger sizes vs. the portioned cuts you'd find in your local butcher. For example, you can order a whole ribeye joint vs. ribeye steaks. The benefit of this, is that we do not have to pass on any cutting costs onto you. We would recommend portioning up cuts that you receive and freezing down what you will not use within the first few days of receiving your delivery.    

Lower Price

We have close, long-standing relationships with our producers, so we negotiate the most competitive prices for you. On top of this, our wholesale gourmet sizes ensure we do not have to pass on any costs to you for portioning.