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Beef Steak

More Information on our Beef Steak Range

While it can sometimes be difficult to find a bone-in beef steak on the market today, Tom Hixson of Smithfield is proud to offer a wide range including T bone, Sirloin, and Fillet steaks sourced from the finest producers.

Some of the most popular bone-in beef cuts around the world are Porterhouse steaks, often served in top-class restaurants for meals that are full of exquisite flavour. With our selection of premium Ribeye, dry-aged steaks, and Wagyu steaks, you can create the same delectable dishes at home, with our range including grain fed and grass-fed breeds, all of which are bound to impress guests and make for the perfect stay at home steak night.

For fine dining, try our Salt Moss Dry Aged Tomahawk Steak. This fantastic cut offers a sweet, nutty taste with outstanding caramelisation. The dense marbling and even fat coverage make for a buttery mouthfeel and incredible texture.

To wow guests at your next BBQ, take a look at the Wexford Valley Tomahawk Steak. The full length of the bone has been left in to enhance the great taste of the cut. Our farming partners in Ireland breed the finest cows and ensure the herds' stress-free lifestyle, making the beef extra tender.

Buy beef steaks from Tom Hixson of Smithfield today and receive premium quality beef online at affordable prices, and discover the convenience of having steak delivered directly to your door.

Does Beef Steak Need a Marinade?

While your steak doesn’t need to be marinated, it certainly helps to add flavour and makes the meat tender. This is because the acidity of the marinade breaks down the meat tissue. If you want to give your steak more flavour during the cooking process, try basting your steak with butter, garlic, and thyme.

How Should You Cook Beef Steak?

First, season your steak with salt and pepper, and place the steaks in a hot pan with the fat facing down to render the fat. Once browned, lay your steak flat and then flip after your steak turns a golden colour. To get your steak to your desired doneness, you may want to use a temperature probe to ensure you have cooked your steak to the correct temperature.

You should cook your beef steak until it reaches an internal temperature of:

Desired Doneness:

Remove From the Heat at:



Medium Rare




Medium Well


Well Done


What Beef Steaks do We Offer?

Our beef range boasts a range of impressive steak cuts, from T-bone and Tomahawk steaks, to the classic Sirloin and Ribeye cuts. Each of our handpicked steaks offers unique qualities, textures, and flavours, perfect for any occasion.

If you’re passionate about steak, why not try our steak club subscription? Try an array of rearing traditions, breeds and climates each month, which creates truly distinctive beef. Alongside the product itself, you will receive details on the provenance which makes it so special, expert chef cooking tips, and sommelier wine pairing suggestions.

Where Do Our Beef Steaks Come From?

Our beef cuts come from a variety of the finest farming producers across the globe. The expert producers at Rioplatense rear the finest Hereford and Angus cattle on the vast expanses of the Pampas Plains. To find out more about the farming partners we use, explore the ‘Producers’ page on our website.

Recipes Using Our Favourite Beef Steaks

Our extensive range of quality, succulent beef can be used in a variety of meals. For the ultimate fine-dining steak, baste your beef with butter, garlic, and your favourite herbs. Feature our Marrow Dry-Aged Steak Burgers in your next BBQ, and an exceptionally tasting burger is guaranteed.

What Cut of Beef Steak Should I go for?

Not sure whether to buy tomahawk steak, T bone, or cowboy? Speak to our team for further advice. To see what else we have to offer at Tom Hixson of Smithfield today, browse our range of beef and discover a number of different cuts, including beef fillet and bulk rump steaks.

What Cut is a Tomahawk Steak?

A Tomahawk steak is cut from the fore rib with the bone left on. The bone releases its flavours during cooking for added flavour. This combined with the intermuscular fat content results in a superb tasting steak. The Tomahawk is often served as a sharing steak due to its size and weight.

What Cut is a T-Bone Steak?

A T bone steak is similar to a porterhouse. It contains both top loins, sirloin, and tenderloin, fillet, joined together by the bone which is left in. The name is derived from its appearance as the bone often resembles the letter ‘T’.

What Cut is a Porterhouse Steak?

The porterhouse is another bone-in steak that is cut where the top loin and tenderloin meet. The porterhouse steak is often quite a large serving as it combines these two types of steaks in one, the tenderloin, also known as fillet, and the top loin, often referred to as sirloin.

What Cut is a Sirloin Steak?

The sirloin is cut from the back of the cow at the rear, attached via the commonly known ‘T bone’. The sirloin cut, which is often referred to as the strip or striploin, is situated in between the rib, flank, and rump of the cow.

What Goes Well with Steak?

Pair your juicy stick with delicious homemade chips and roasted veggies prepared on the outside grill. Why not try a creamy mac and cheese with buttery corn on the cob on the side. No matter the occasion, steak is a widely-loved main, great to serve alongside a multitude of flavourful side dishes.