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Halal: Poultry

More Information on Halal Poultry

Our wide range of halal chicken products means there is something for everyone. Perfect for weeknight dinners, our boneless and skinless chicken thighs offer a lighter option that can be roasted alongside your favourite vegetables. If you’re looking to entertain guests at your weekend BBQ, order the halal jumbo chicken wings. Ideal for slathering in a sticky sauce, these chicken wings are bound to be a firm favourite with your family and friends.

How Should You Marinate Halal Chicken Wings?

Halal chicken wings can be treated the same as any other type of chicken wings. A marinade is a great way to make the meat flavourful and more tender. You could leave your favourite marinade on overnight to ensure the chicken has plenty of time to soak up the delicious flavourings.

When it comes to flavouring chicken wings, there are a number of recipes depending on your personal preference. You can opt for the popular BBQ sauce, or a spicy Gochujang marinade for your wings.

If you’re after the classic American dining experience, opt for a buffalo marinade and serve with a tangy blue cheese sauce. Buffalo marinade can be made out of a few simple ingredients, or you can buy our favourite Sauce Shop buffalo sauce, stocked on our website.

More Information on Halal Turkey

Here at Tom Hixson of Smithfield, we work with trusted halal farming partners to ensure our turkey cuts are of the highest quality and adhere to Islamic law. Our wide range of turkey cuts includes delicious turkey bacon rashers and succulent turkey roasting joints. Explore our wide range of halal meats available at Tom Hixson and discover everything from premium cuts of quality beef to succulent chicken and smoky brisket.

If you want to find out more about our halal produce and butchering process, view our halal information page.

How Long Should You Cook a Halal Turkey For?

If you have chosen to cook one of our succulent turkey butterflies, we’d recommend cooking the turkey joint for around an hour and a half at 180 degrees celsius, but this may change depending on the weight of your joint. If your turkey is over 4 Kilograms, a good rule of thumb is to cook the joint for 20 minutes per Kilogram and add an extra 90 minutes.

You should use a meat thermometer to ensure your turkey is cooked thoroughly before serving. Your halal turkey joint should be at least 72 degrees celsius in the centre before taking the joint out of the oven. Learn more about how to prepare a halal turkey dinner in one of our recent blog posts.

Can You Get Halal Bacon?

While traditional pork bacon isn’t halal, turkey bacon is a great alternative, and tastes just as good. You can treat this delicious meat cut as you would pork bacon, and use it as part of a tasty pancake stack, or use it to create a signature BLT sandwich. Turkey bacon can be pan-fried or cooked under the grill.