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Fillet Steak

More Information on Beef Fillets

Finding the best fillet steak online doesn’t have to be a bothersome task. At Tom Hixson of Smithfield, when you buy fillet steak, you receive only the most superior quality meat delivered directly to your door. We have a variety of weights available, whether you're looking for 0.2kg, 1kg beef fillet or a larger cut weighing over 2kg, we've got you covered when it comes to finding the perfect amount of beef fillet steak.

Alongside our extensive selection of Rump steaks and Sirloin steaks, we offer a huge range of whole fillets of beef with a variety of origins, including our USDA, New Zealand and Wagyu fillet steak. Known to be the most tender cut of beef, fillet steaks can be grilled, pan-fried or griddled to create the perfect dish. Mouthwateringly lean, the Fillet is extremely tender yet still flavoursome and succulent. Our large selection includes beef fillet from both grain-fed and grass-fed herds, as well as dry aged fillet steak that is flavoured like no other.

Buy fillet steak with Tom Hixson of Smithfield today and not only will you receive the most first-rate cuts on offer, but enjoy having a whole fillet of beef delivered to your door. For larger orders, we also supply bulk fillet steaks alongside other cuts including our bulk sirloin steak.

What Cut Of Beef is Fillet?

While a beef fillet can sometimes mean any boneless cut of meat, a fillet is actually cut from the lower part of the cow’s back. The area which sits beneath the ribs next to the backbone and forms part of the sirloin. Because this area of the animal doesn’t do much work, beef fillets are often very tender.

Is Beef Fillet the Same as Fillet Steak?

A beef fillet is the whole joint, whereas the fillet steaks are the whole joint cut into thick slices. You should note that fillet steaks are cut much thicker than popular sirloin or picanha steaks, as they are usually around 4cm thick.

How Should You Prepare Beef Fillet?

Although our expert butchers offer high-quality cuts, you may want to do these next steps at home: Start by wiping away any moisture or blood with a clean tea towel. Next, use a sharp knife to carefully remove any membrane on the joint. Finally, chop your beef fillet into steaks or leave it whole for an impressive roasting joint.

How Should Beef Fillet Be Cooked?

Start by cutting off any silver skin on your joint, and marinating your fillet with a butter, garlic, thyme, salt, and pepper mixture overnight. In a hot pan, seal the edges of your fillet until a beautiful golden crust forms by basting your joint with juices. Add your fillet joint to a large tray with carrots and parsnips before slow roasting in the oven.

For How Long Do You Cook a Fillet of Beef?

Roast your beef fillet in the oven at 180 degrees for roughly 30-40 minutes. Use a temperature probe to check your desired doneness before serving.

What is Another Name For Beef Fillet?

Beef fillet is also referred to as beef tenderloin or tenderloin steak, or an eye fillet in some other countries including Australia. Sometimes beef fillets are called filet mignon as they are cut from the same area on the cow.

Can Fillet Steak Be Cooked in the Oven?

Heat your pan to a high temperature, whilst waiting for the pan to heat, season your room temperature meat with salt and pepper to taste. Place the steak fillet in the pan and leave it alone to cook. Once your steak is looking golden brown, reduce the heat and turn the steak more often to prevent burning. Don’t forget to rest your meat after cooking, this helps to lock in flavour and juiciness.

What Goes With Fillet Steak?

Serve your luxurious and flavourful fillet steak with a fresh wedge salad and tangy dressing for a tasty lunch. Alternatively, serve with buttery sauteed vegetables and grilled corn on the cob for a dinner that the whole family will enjoy.

How Much Beef Fillet Do You Need To Feed Six Adults?

We’d suggest serving around 200g of beef fillet per person for a main meal. So for six adults, a 1.5kg cut would be perfect. Try our Black Label Argentine Fillet or USDA CHOICE Chateaubriand to feed six adults.

Is Fillet Steak Better Than Sirloin?

It’s really down to personal preference! Fillet steak is usually extremely tender as it’s cut from the opposite side of the ribs to the sirloin, meaning the muscle is not used as much. On the other hand, sirloin is cut from the loin and is excellently marbled, making it tender and juicy. Explore our range of classic sirloin steaks here, all available for delivery within the UK.