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Halal Lamb

More Information on Halal Lamb

All of the halal meat we produce is sourced from the best producers across the globe, before being expertly carved by our master butchers. Our delicious lamb products offer sublime texture and a blend of delicious flavours. From impressive French Trimmed Lamb Rack for your next dinner party centrepiece or meaty Te Mana Lamb Chumps, perfect any exquisite dining experience, we do it all at Tom Hixson of Smithfield.

Bred and raised in New Zealand, the Merino flock of lambs roam freely, foraging on the land's nutritious grass and herbs. Their diet and lifestyle result in lamb with a beautiful texture and subtle thyme flavours in every bite.

We also source lamb from New Zealand’s Chicory flock. The result of a ten-year farming programme, this breed of sheep has a different type of fat, an intramuscular fat, higher in Omega-3 with Wagyu beef style marbling on a micro-scale. The meat is delicate, clean, and tender - perfect for impressing friends and family.

If you are looking for other high-quality halal products, explore our range of halal poultry, sirloin steak, beef ribs, chateaubriand or halal special offers. Order online with Tom Hixson to receive the best products available on the market at unbeatable, wholesale prices delivered directly to your door.

Is Lamb Meat Halal?

All of the lamb meat shown in this category is halal certified. This means that it has been butchered in a way that adheres to Islamic law, with full farm-to-fork traceability. All of the animals that we use for our halal meat are alive and healthy at the time of slaughter.

Is New Zealand Lamb Halal?

Yes, the New Zealand lamb that we offer under this category is halal, with 100% halal traceability. However, not all New Zealand lamb is suitable for those following a halal diet, as the butchering technique may vary between butchers. Both the New Zealand Te Mana Lamb Chumps and French Trimmed Lamb Rack are halal.

What Cut is a Halal Lamb Rack?

A halal lamb rack is generally a selection of ribs, which usually include at least four ribs. The ribs come from the section of the carcass on either side of the backbone between the loin and the shoulder.

What Cut is a Halal Lamb Chump?

A halal lamb chump is found on the lower back of the lamb where the loin meets the leg. The cut offers a generous marbling of fat, which helps to keep the meat succulent and tender.

What Recipes Use Halal Lamb?

We are keen cooking enthusiasts here at Tom Hixson, and we often use our delicious halal meat products to develop new recipes, which we post over on our food blog. Our team has developed a range of recipes suitable for a halal diet, including the mouthwatering Lamb Biryani and Iftar Lamb Stew.

To make the stew, first dice your lamb chumps, lightly coat them in flour, and season with salt and pepper. Seal off the lamb in a hot pan and set aside once a golden colour has formed. Next, add 70g of butter to a dutch oven, and add one chopped white onion, and six minced garlic cloves, along with thyme, salt, and pepper. Cover with a lid and cook for a few minutes, before adding 500ml of lamb stock and whisking until it thickens. Add in your diced lamb from earlier, and cook on low for one hour. Serve alongside your favourite roasted vegetables and enjoy!