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More Information on Pork Chops

Order your pork in bulk from our award-winning butchery, and impress your friends and family with our finest pork cuts. Our Boston Butt chop is a fantastic choice for a variety of dishes. The marbled fat throughout makes this a flavourful choice for pulled pork, or a smoky slow roast at your next family barbeque.

If you prefer your meat on the bone, our Iberico Pork French Chop is a great choice. The sometimes standard pork chop is elevated with the nutty flavour unique to Iberico. The magnificent appearance of the chop is a great way to impress guests at your next dinner party.

What Part of a Pig is a Boston Butt From?

The Boston butt, also known as the pork shoulder, comes from a portion of the front shoulder of the pig. The shoulder is typically broken down into two cuts: the top, or blade shoulder (also known as the Boston Butt), and the lower arm shoulder (known as pork shoulder or picnic roast).

How Should I Marinate Iberico Pork?

Said to be one of the finest cuts of pork, Iberico is full of natural, nutty flavours. Its Wagyu-like fat marbling allows for rich flavours that need minimal seasoning for maximum flavour. Get the most out of your decadent cut of meat by using a pinch of sea salt and black pepper on your pork before cooking.

How Should You Cook Pork?

For our popular Boston Butt, place over indirect heat and cook low and slow for around 5 hours. You could serve this whole, or shred it with your favourite BBQ sauce for juicy pulled pork.

If you’re cooking the Iberico pork chop, fry in a pan on all sides, until golden brown all over. Use a hot pan to seal the edges of the chop for maximum flavour and juiciness.