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Halal Wagyu

More Information on Halal Wagyu Beef

Buy halal Wagyu steak from Tom Hixson of Smithfield today and receive fully traceable and halal-certified premium quality halal Wagyu delivered directly to your door.

Tom Hixson of Smithfield is proud to offer an extensive selection of premium quality halal Wagyu beef, consisting of a wide range of different cuts to ensure unforgettable flavour and texture every time. Known for its unrivalled marbling, halal Wagyu beef steak boasts a mouth-watering flavour that is truly in a league of its own.

Our collection includes everything from Halal Tom Hixson Sirloin Steak to Halal Wagyu Ribeye, providing a halal Wagyu cut perfect for every meal. For something really special, opt for our halal Jack’s Creek F1 Wagyu Ribeye - a true culinary centrepiece that features a BMS of 4-5. 

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Is Wagyu Beef Halal?

Wagyu being halal will depend on the way the beef was slaughtered before being butchered. All Wagyu beef under our halal meat category has been slaughtered while adhering to the British Halal Food Authority guidelines. The cows which go on to produce halal Wagyu beef live in the best conditions available and are fed exceptionally well, which contributes towards their high intramuscular fat reserves, producing exquisite marbling and world-class steaks.

What is Wagyu Beef?

‘Wagyu’ translates from the Japanese to English as ‘Japanese cattle’. The genetic strain originates from crossbreeding between European and Japanese cattle to create various new breeds which all exhibit unbelievable marbling of intramuscular fats.

These fats, once cooked, infuse the meat with a toasted butter flavour. The texture of the meat is also vastly improved from this extraordinary marbling, with Japanese Wagyu exhibiting the highest quality marbling available in any halal steak.

Our farming partners, Wild River Wagyu and Snake River Farms, have refined each stage of the rearing process, from breeding and cattle selection through to finishing and processing, to produce truly sensational Australian and American Wagyu.

Where Can I Buy Halal Wagyu Beef?

Halal Wagyu beef is best bought from a high-quality butcher with full halal traceability. All our halal products have been carefully selected and provide full farm-to-fork traceability. Order online with Tom Hixson to get fresh, high-quality halal wagyu beef delivered straight to your door.

Where is Halal Wagyu Beef From?

Halal Wagyu beef originated with Japanese cattle, however, Wagyu can come from cattle bred anywhere in the world. As long as the cattle have been bred with pure Wagyu cattle and contain Wagyu genetics, then they can be sold on the market under the ‘Wagyu’ classification.

Why is Wagyu So Expensive?

Wagyu beef offers a unique quality due to the prized strain of genetics found within the breed, as well as the extensive rearing process (which isn’t cheap for farmers to maintain). Wagyu cattle live an all-natural diet and relaxing lifestyle, which all contribute to the high levels of flavourful intramuscular fat marbling.