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Pork Presa

More about Iberico Pork Presa

Cut from pigs reared in South West Spain, pork presea is the ultimate pork cut for meat-lovers. The environment of South West Spain, alongside the unique diet, constant exercise, and high welfare standards make Iberico pork presa intensely flavourful, succulent, and perfect for a wide range of dishes, from warming slow cooked classics, to a simple loin dish.

What Cut of Meat is Pork Presa?

Pork presa is cut from the shoulder of an Iberican pig, the cut attached to the head of the loin. Due to its high marbling content, Iberico pork presa is often considered to be the finest cut of the pig, and is often said to be the pork equivalent of Wagyu beef.

What Can You Make with Pork Presa?

The marbled quality of pork presa means that it’s ideal for a wide range of dishes and cuisines. Whether you fancy a dedicant BBQ, or a warming slow cooked casserole, this cut of pork offers endless possibilities to suit all tastes.