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Beef Fillet Joints

More Information on Fillet Joints

Our large selection of beef fillets includes those from both grain-fed and grass-fed herds, as well as dry aged fillets with a unique, earthy flavour. The popular Hereford Fillet offers richly flavoured beef and wonderful texture once cooked. The fillet cut can be enjoyed as a whole roasting joint or portioned into individual steaks.

If you want to impress guests at your next dinner party, try our luxurious American Wagyu Fillet. This decadent beef is wet-aged for 21 days, which improves the already impressive flavour and texture. The unique marbling offers a buttery mouthfeel and rich flavour.

At Tom Hixson, we specialise in providing the highest quality cuts of beef available for delivery in the UK. We accommodate for large orders, and supply bulk fillet beef joints alongside other bulk meat cuts on our website.

What Cut Is The Fillet Joint?

The fillet is cut from the muscle which comes from the lower middle of the cow’s back, also known as the tenderloin. . The muscles from which the beef is cut aren’t weight-bearing, and contains only a small amount of connective tissue, which is why the beef is so tender.

How Should You Cut a Fillet Joint into Fillet Steaks?

When ordering from our range of award-winning fillet joints, you’ll receive the joint whole, which can be kept whole or sliced into smaller beef steaks, depending on which you prefer.

To break down your fillet joint, first, trim any silverskin you may find. From here, You can trim off the tapering ends to form an even round shape (you could use the tapered ends for smaller steaks, or beef strips). Use your sharp knife to cut your beef fillet into 2-3 inch thick steaks. If you go any smaller, you risk the steaks cooking too fast.

How Long Should You Cook Beef Fillet Joint For?

The length of your cooking time will depend on the size of your beef fillet joint, and your desired doneness. For a 400-gram centre-cut beef fillet, we would recommend cooking for 20-30 minutes in a fan oven at 180°. Cook your fillet joint for 20-25 mins for medium-rare beef, and 30 mins for medium.

If you want to use your centre cut fillet joint for a delicious Beef Wellington, take a look at our food blog. Our Wellington recipe shows you how to get a buttery mushroom filling, whilst maintaining golden, crispy pastry skin.