Beef Wellington Recipe

Beef Wellington Recipe

Beef Wellington Recipe

If you’re looking for dinner inspiration, take a look at our latest recipe from chef Harvey Ayliffe. He shows us how to make the perfect Beef Wellington using our Argentine Beef.

What Is Beef Wellington?

A beef wellington is a British dish that consists of seasoned beef fillet wrapped in lattice cut puff pastry. The beef is often wrapped in Parma ham to help keep the meat moist during cooking. 

Take a look below at this delicious beef wellington recipe. Made using our succulent beef fillet.



  1. To begin, get your pan nice and hot. Season your beef well with salt and pepper and on all sides. Place the meat on a plate in the fridge to cool.

  2. Now in the same pan add your butter.  Then add your mushrooms, season well with salt and pepper and cook until nicely golden brown.  Now add your tarragon, cook for a few more minutes then blend to a course purée. Now chill.

  3. Now for the  puff pastry, Cut your pastry to the width of your lattice cutter if you are using one. Make sure all the holes are cut correctly, if not go through with a knife, cut the pastry and put it into the  freezer to chill.

  4. Now lay out some silicon paper, lay your Parma ham, four slices one way to the other and spread your mushrooms evenly over your Parma ham. Now remove your  beef from the fridge and spread a thin layer of Dijon mustard over your beef.

  5. Place your fillet onto the mushrooms and ham and then roll so it’s completely covered, just turn the ends over wrapping the paper and chill down again.

  6. Now roll out your remaining puff pastry and roll your beef and ham covered with puff pastry, egg wash the edge to seal. Flip the edges over and also seal the egg wash.

  7. Now egg wash the whole Wellington and the lattice over the top re-egg wash.

  8. Preheat your oven at 180°

  9. Brush the Wellington with a little more egg yolk and cook until golden and crisp – 20-25 mins for medium-rare beef, 30 mins for medium.

  10. Allow to stand for 10 mins before serving in thick slices and enjoy.

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