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Halal Beef Ribs

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Perfect for slathering in the Sauce Shop BBQ Sauces, our halal ribs are great for slow roasting, resulting in tender meat that falls off the bone. Serve with salad and grilled corn on the cob for an excellent crowd pleaser at your next summer BBQ, or as an easy midweek meal.

Our range includes Aberdeen Angus Short Ribs, coming from specialist farming partners in Ireland. The high-quality Aberdeen Angus cattle are naturally reared in open grassy pastures of Ireland. Allowing the cattle to have a stress-free lifestyle, whilst grazing on high-quality feed is the key to producing great-tasting beef.

Popular amongst BBQ street fooders and smokehouses, these boneless USDA Short Ribs offer the perfect marbling throughout the cut, resulting in unbeatable textures and an incredible depth of flavour. Like many of our products, this is a Tom Hixson exclusive, and can’t be found elsewhere.

Here at Tom Hixson of Smithfield, we specialising in providing restaurant-quality across our whole halal range.

Are Ribs Halal?

Pork ribs and pork cuts aren’t halal. Beef ribs are only halal if they follow guidelines, which don’t allow for stunning the animal before slaughter and ensuring the carcass drains of blood before butchering. Halal cattle live a 100% natural lifestyle, and are healthy before slaughter.

Where Do You Buy Halal Beef Ribs?

To ensure you are getting quality ribs that adhere to Islamic law, you must choose a producer that provides full traceability back to the producers, to ensure that no cross-contamination takes place during the butchering or shipping process.

You can buy quality halal beef ribs online from Tom Hixson, with full peace of mind from our halal certificate, which you can find out more about by clicking the link. All of our halal produce is fully certified to meet strict halal standards to ensure the meat adheres to Islamic laws relating to the rearing and slaughtering methods of the animal.

Are Halal Ribs Cow or Pork?

Pork is considered to be ‘haram’, so all halal ribs are beef ribs.

How Long Does it Take For Beef Ribs To Cook?

Beef ribs can take anywhere from three to six hours depending on your preferred cooking style. If you are slow roasting, opt for a longer cooking time, whereas those of you opting for convenience, your ribs will only take a few hours in the oven.

Do Beef Ribs Taste Like Pork Ribs?

Beef ribs and pork ribs both offer delicious meat that falls off the bone after slow roasting, however, the flavour profiles differ slightly. Some say that beef ribs offer a deeper umami flavour when compared to pork. Both types of ribs are bound to impress family at your next summer BBQ.

Do Beef Ribs Cook Like Pork Ribs?

Yes, beef ribs and pork ribs can both be cooked using the same cooking method, whether that be in the oven or outside on the grill. You may need to cook beef ribs a little longer than you would pork, due to the larger side of the rack.

What Should You Serve With Beef Ribs?

Slow grilled beef ribs are great for a summer get-together with friends, with smoky flavours and meat that falls off the bone. Serve alongside a fresh salad and tangy pink pickled onions.

How Do You BBQ Beef Ribs?

Prepare your ribs by trimming excess fat and silver skin from the top of the cut, before covering in olive oil and seasoning. Place on your BBQ, ensuring the ribs are away from direct heat. Spray with apple juice (or even beer for a malty twist!) every hour for six to eight hours. Using your meat probe, ensure your final finishing temperature is between 90-95 degrees celsius.