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Halal Chateaubriand

More Information on Halal Chateaubriand Joints

A rich and decadent cut, halal chateaubriand makes the perfect fine-dining meal, served either as a whole roasting joint or as individual steaks. The buttery mouthfeel and unbeatable beefy flavours make this an exceptional cut for when you want to impress everyone at the dinner table. Our chateaubriand range comes from several world-renowned halal beef producers.

The USDA Choice Sirloin from Creekstone Farms is a prized cut from the head of the fillet, which is sought after globally. Coming from the Black Angus breed, this halal chateaubriand offers exceptional quality. Try the Halal Wexford Valley Chateaubriand for an equally tender and delicious cut.

For the finest halal chateaubriand available exclusively at Tom Hixson, try the Tom Hixson Wagyu Chateaubriand. This cut offers sublime fat marbling, which results in a buttery mouthfeel and a rich flavour profile. We work closely with our Irish farming partners combining our expertise and knowledge to produce a unique offering from the Shorthorn breed.

If you are looking for more high quality halal meat, look no further than Tom Hixson of Smithfield. We work with the finest producers to bring you halal meat with 100% farm-to-fork traceability, which you can find out more about on our ‘Halal Promise’ page. Explore halal poultry, sirloin steaks, brisket, and lamb.

What Cut is a Chateaubriand?

Halal chateaubriand is cut directly from the tenderloin of the cow, which is found in the fillet head. This area doesn’t do much work, which means the beef is extremely soft, yet still super flavourful. Chateaubriand is sometimes referred to as a filet mignon roast.

How Should You Cook a Chateaubriand Joint?

Start by taking your Tom Hixson chateaubriand joint out of the fridge and bring to room temperature. Season with a simple combination of salt and pepper, along with your favourite garden herbs. Using a pan on high heat, seal your chateaubriand well on all sides until a beautiful golden brown crust has formed.

Transfer your chateaubriand cut to a preheated oven at 180ºC and cook for around 25 minutes, or until the cut reaches your desired doneness. For a perfect medium rare, cook your beef until the internal temperature has reached 52ºC. Serve alongside seasonal vegetables and thick meaty gravy.

Can a Halal Chateaubriand Be Cut Into Steaks?

Yes! This cut makes for fantastic beefy steaks, which can be cooked as you would a usual sirloin or ribeye steak. To cut into steaks, simply prepare the whole joint by removing any excess fat (there shouldn’t be much) or silverskin. You can cut your steaks as thick or thin as you’d like, but our master butchers recommend going for a 1-1 ½ inch thickness for an even cook.

What Should You Serve With a Halal Chateaubriand?

It is a popular choice to serve your chateaubriand steak with wine or cream-based sauce and potatoes, whether that be mashed, roasted, or boiled. You could also use this cut of beef within a luxurious beef wellington, which is ideal for sharing between friends and family. Serve your beef wellington with honey-glazed carrots and parsnips, or grilled broccoli and asparagus.