We're delighted to share with you our Christmas 2023 offering. Here you will find our specially curated range of fine-quality Christmas meats and trimmings, all of which can conveniently be delivered chilled to your front door on your selected day.

Whether you're opting for a Traditional British Free Range Turkey lunch or something a little different, we offer a range of the finest meats for Christmas dinner and the festive season. From our impressive and hassle-free Turkey butterfly to our Hereford Beef Ribeye, whole Christmas Hams, and curated Meat Boxes with all your essential meats for Christmas dinner. We’ve got you covered!

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Placing Your Christmas Meat Order

  1. Place your Christmas meat order before the 20th of December.

  2. Enjoy the rest of your festive preparations, as our team carefully prepare your order.

  3. Your fresh/frozen cuts of meat will be delivered to your door on your chosen date, in our reinforced chilled packaging.

We have delivery slots available up to the 21st of December. Place your order now, before delivery slots fill up!

Standard Delivery Cost £7.99 for orders under £150.

Free delivery for orders over £150.

More About Our Fine Christmas Meat

Ideal for big traditional Christmas dinners, Boxing Day parties or a Christmas Eve buffet, our range of Christmas food to order is the perfect choice to make your Christmas hassle-free, genuinely magical, and delicious!

With such an extensive range of delicious Christmas food to order, there's something for every meal and every taste at Tom Hixson of Smithfield. Whether you're looking to order Christmas Poultry, Christmas Beef, or Trimmings, our butchers have got you covered with the highest-quality cuts for any occasion. You can even skip the planning and get everything you need for a spectacular Christmas dinner delivered directly to your doorstep by choosing one of our curated Christmas Meat Boxes.

What Is The Traditional Meat for Christmas Dinner?

The most traditional meat for a Christmas dinner is the delicious turkey, this dates back to Henry VIII who made the bird a staple for his festive celebrations. Most people will typically have turkey for their Christmas dinner, but there’s no reason why this Christmas staple is the only cut of meat you and your family enjoy this Yuletide.

A delicious Beef Fillet is a popular alternative to turkey because of its equally spectacular presentation and succulent, juicy texture.

What Do You Serve With a Christmas Roast?

After you’ve chosen your scrumptious Christmas meat, you can choose some delicious traditional sides to add colour and texture to your plate. Some potential sides that go great with all our fabulous cuts of Christmas meat are chestnut brussels sprouts, honey-glazed carrots, crispy roast potatoes, and spiced red cabbage.

Want more ideas? Discover our range of more of our delicious Christmas trimmings.

Can You Eat Meat on Christmas Eve?

In short, yes you can eat whatever you want during the festive season. The tradition of eating seafood on Christmas Eve dates back to the Roman Catholics who abstained from meat for religious reasons.

If you are choosing to abstain from meat on Christmas Eve, this delightful smoked salmon is perfect for the occasion.

What Do You Do With Leftover Christmas Meat?

You can create a plethora of delicious meals with leftover Christmas meat, but you must ensure it is cooled, refrigerated and eaten within four days. Turkey meat makes the perfect sandwich filling, and can also be used to spice things up with a delicious turkey curry.

What Food Do You Eat on Boxing Day?

Boxing Day is the perfect occasion to use up your leftovers. Slice and serve your leftover meat cold with crispy homemade chips and pickled onions.

What Food Can I Prepare Before Christmas Day?

You can prepare all your sauces beforehand, such as cranberry, mint or gravy; these are great for adding that extra bit of traditional flavour to our already delicious cuts of meat. We recommend cooking your meat fresh on the day to enjoy it at its best, but you may want to check your recipes for any pre-cooking preparations needed. For example, our Festive Turkey Butterfly Recipe requires you to brine your turkey butterfly for two days ahead of cooking.

Placing your Christmas meat order in advance can also help cut down on preparation time, as your delicious cuts of fresh meat will be delivered to you directly on your chosen day. For a hassle-free meal why not try one of our turkey butterflies? As these are completely boneless, there's no need to spend time de-boning and carving on the day.