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Chuck Beef Steak

More Information on Denver Steak

Chuck beef is a popular cut among many chefs, offering a depth of meaty flavour, and a good amount of marbling. Most of the cuts coming from the shoulder portion of the cow, much like the chuck, are very muscular due to the amount of movement this part endures. The fat running through this cut makes a chuck great cut for slow roasting and grilling. Denver steaks, however, are very soft and tender due to the less-muscular area the meat is cut from.

Our chuck beef category includes a number of delicious products. The American Wagyu Denver Steaks are gold graded and wet aged for 21 days for improved flavour and textures. Hand cut by our master butchers, these impressive steaks are one of the finest available on the market. We also stock the black grade American Wagyu Denver Steaks.

If you are a lover of Chinese hotpot, the A5 Japanese Wagyu Chuck Sukiyaki Slices are perfect for you. Wagyu is the most desired beef in the world and the centrepiece on many Michelin star menus. The Sukiyaki Slices are incredibly tender with smooth, melt in your mouth texture and rich flavours. It has intense intramuscular marbling with softer fats, offering a buttery mouthfeel even after cooking.

What is Beef Chuck?

The beef chuck is a cut of beef that is part of the chuck primal - a section of meat near the shoulder of the cow. This part of the cow is known for its meaty roasts, but it can also make for some lesser-known steak cuts, such as the Denver steak.

What Part of the Cow is Denver Steak?

Denver steaks are cut from the under portion of the cow’s shoulder, called the beef chuck. The area in which the steaks are cut doesn’t work hard through the animal's life, meaning it stays tender and soft. Most Denver steaks are around one to two inches thick.

What is the Best Way to Cook Denver Steak?

When cooking steaks, you should stick to the same techniques that are used when cooking sirloin, ribeye or T-bone steaks. Be sure to get the meat to room temperature before cooking, as this allows the steak to cook more evenly. Heat a pan to a high temperature, and meanwhile season your steak to taste. Place the steaks in the pan and cook for a couple of minutes on each side, until it has reached your desired doneness.

To ensure the juices stay locked in, allow the meat to rest for 5 minutes before seasoning and serving. All of the Denver steaks at Tom Hixson are cut across the grain, which helps to keep the tender texture of the steak throughout the cooking process.

What Should You Serve With Denver Steak?

If you are serving your Denver steak as part of a stay-at-home steak night, we’d recommend serving with seasonal grilled or lightly pan-fried vegetables, Hasselback potatoes tossed in garlic butter, and a delicious glass of cabernet sauvignon.

The chuck beef joint can be kept whole before slicing into Denver steaks. If you’ve decided to roast your joint, try serving your cut with honey and thyme-glazed carrots, roasted broccoli, and any of your other favourite vegetables. Make a tasty red wine gravy out of the chuck beef juices left in the pan to drizzle over the top.