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Christmas Poultry

More Information About Our Christmas Poultry

Tom Hixson of Smithfield is proud to offer a range of delicious Christmas poultry, sourced from the finest producers and offering the juiciest, most succulent cuts. We have everything you need for the tastiest festive season.

Our classic turkey butterflies are the perfect hassle-free centrepiece to complete your traditional tasty Christmas day feast. Or, why not try our whole French chickens? Packed with juicy flavours thanks to their premium corn-fed diet.

Have a perfect festive season this Christmas with delicious food delivered straight to your door. We have everything you need to make your Christmas truly magical.

What Bird is Cooked for Christmas Dinner?

Traditionally a turkey is cooked for Christmas dinner. Their large size and delicious flavour make them ideal for a lavish Christmas dinner. However, chicken is also among the favourites during the festive season because of its juicy and succulent flavour and more manageable size.

How Do I Cook a Christmas Turkey?

For a delicious and traditional turkey, first season with a simple rub of herbs and spices then, if you wish, stuff your turkey with a homemade stuffing mix. Cook your turkey at 190°C for 20 mins per kilogram. If it's over 4kg, cook for an extra 90 minutes. If it's under 4kg, cook for an extra 70 minutes.

How Do I Cook a Christmas Chicken?

First, season your chicken with simple herbs and spices then cook for 20 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius followed by an extra 20 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius per 500g.

What Can I Serve with Christmas Poultry?

Christmas poultry is a succulent and versatile meat that pairs well with a multitude of side dishes. Some of the classic pairings are creamy mashed potatoes, a crispy pork stuffing or honey-glazed roasted carrots.