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Traditional Pork Ham (Whole Joint)

Traditional Pork Ham (Whole Joint)

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From 6.5kg Serves 32 (estimate based on 200g per portion)

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With great depth of flavour and tenderness, our expert producers have fine-tuned their methods over their hundred year history. They utilise tried and tested traditional curing techniques to create distinctive flavour and consistently exceptional quality.

Weight: From 6.5KG
Serves: 32 (Based on 200g per serving)
If your celebrations are a bit smaller, why not check out our Cured Pork Ham Half Joint?

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*Serving suggestion | This product comes without cinnamon cloves & glazing 

Smokey Maple Honey Bourbon Glazed Ham by Artust BBQ


  • 1x Tom Hixson traditional pork ham
  • 200ml x Maple Syrup
  • 100ml x Honey
  • 50ml x Bourbon, we used Buffalo Trace (Use 25ml for a more subtle flavour)
  • 100g x Sweet BBQ rub/seasoning (check the salt levels as you want a sweeter profile)


  • Barbecue. Can be charcoal, gas or pellet and ideally needs a lid. This recipe will work on any barbecue large enough to fit the ham onto.
  • Smoking wood chips or chunks. We used maple wood.


This cook really is as simple as it gets, a gammon takes more processing and cooking to get the end result, whereas this pork ham simply needs to be warmed up to a safe serving temperature.

Set your BBQ up for an indirect cook, meaning there is no direct heat under the ham. This could be spreading the charcoal on one side of the BBQ and placing the ham on the other with no coals underneath. Or simply lighting 1 or 2 of your gas burners in your BBQ and placing the ham above an unlit one.

You are aiming for cooking a temperature inside the BBQ of around 140-160c. Remove the ham from the fridge 30 minutes before you plan to start cooking, and leave it out at a cool room temperature. You can use this time to go and get your BBQ prepped or start warming your oven.

  • Remove the ham from the packaging and pat dry
  • Using a sharp knife, carefully score a diamond pattern into the ham, being careful to only go into the meat by 2-4mm. You are only doing this to create a texture for the rub and smoke to adhere to, and of course to make it look good too
  • Once scored, evenly season the whole of the ham with your chosen BBQ rub. Don't forget the bottom of the ham too, and ensure the seasoning gets right down into all the score lines
  • Place the ham onto the BBQ away from the heat source as mentioned above, and get ready with the wood chips. We used maple for this cook but anything like apple or cherry will work, or oak wood for a really smokey layer of flavour
  • If you have a temperature device for measuring internal meat temperatures, insert this right down into the middle of the ham. You are aiming for an internal meat temperature of 62c before serving
  • The cook will take roughly 2hrs to warm the ham through, so nice and quick. I would set a timer for every 30 minutes and rotate the ham if needed. You will see the colour of the smoke and seasoning start to form, any darker spots mean the temperature is higher in that area and so give it a turn
  • When you are nearing your finishing temperature, say around 55c, add the bourbon, maple syrup and honey into a pan and start to warm through and mix together. You do not want this to boil, purely just to warm slightly and to mix the ingredients together.
  • Using a basting brush, gently baste over a layer of the bourbon glaze, making sure all areas of the ham are covered. Close the lid of the BBQ and allow the ham to continue to cook. Leave 2/3 of the glaze in the pan, then repeat this process at the 60c or 10mins after leaving the final 1/3 of the glaze
  • Then when you have hit 62c, remove the ham from the BBQ, and pour on the remaining glaze just before serving for that sweet sticky shimmer

We served ours, with honey-glazed root vegetables and some seasoned buttery mash potatoes.

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A leg of pork is cut from the leg of the pig. Pork legs are low in fat compared to other cuts like the shoulder, making them ideal for delicious roasting joints without the need for slow cooking.