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Tom Hixson Wagyu Beef Osso Buco (2)

Tom Hixson Wagyu Beef Osso Buco (2)

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Our Tom Hixson Wagyu Osso Buco creates a dish that's incredibly tender and indulgent, providing a unique twist on the traditional Italian recipe. Slow cooked till it is fall-off-the-bone, this cut is butchered from the leg of the cow with the bone left in the centre. This cut contains a combination of meat, bone, and marrow, creating an astounding depth of flavour. The intense marbling of the Wagyu Beef renders down perfectly, melting together to create a rich broth of delicious beef and marrow flavours.

In collaboration with our Irish farming partners, we have used our combined expertise and knowledge to produce a unique offering. We decided upon a Wagyu / Shorthorn cross, which has been reared stress-free on the open, grassy pastures of Ireland. Shorthorn are renowned themselves for producing marbled beef, so when crossed with Wagyu the results are sublime. Their diet is supplemented in their final three months with chocolate, which adds a touch of sweetness to the bite.


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Beef osso buco is typically cut from the hind shank of the cow, from the lower portion of the back leg, below the knee joint. The shanks are cross-cut into thick slices, exposing the marrow-filled bone in the center, which is a characteristic feature of osso buco.