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The Bulk Halal BBQ Box

The Bulk Halal BBQ Box

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From 4.76kg Serves 23 (estimate based on 200g per portion)

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Introducing The Bulk Halal BBQ Box, perfect for an outdoor gathering or family meal. Our box contains the essentials needed to create a delicious BBQ experience that is also halal-certified.

With an RRP of £157.20, we are offering our Halal BBQ box for £99.95, which is a saving of over £50!

Included in The Bulk Halal BBQ Box:

- 6x Halal Tom Hixson Wagyu Burgers | 150g per burger | RRP £39.95

- 8x Halal New York Diner Beef Hot Dogs | 70g per hot dog | RRP £14.95

- 1x Halal Beef Bacon| 0.5kg | RRP £15.50

- 1x Halal Irish Short Ribs | 2kg | RRP £35

- 4x Halal Tom Hixson Wagyu Rump Steaks | 0.8kg | RRP £51.80

Halal Tom Hixson Wagyu Burgers

Our halal wagyu burgers are made from prime cut trimmings and only require a dash of salt and pepper to enjoy all of the rich flavours that wagyu beef has to offer.

*Please note these burgers are frozen and may thaw in transit. Therefore, we do not advise refreezing these.*

Halal New York Diner Beef Hot Dogs

Our halal hot dogs have been traditionally cured, expertly smoked and fully cooked, to deliver authentic American style flavour. Sourced from the finest producers, you will receive only the highest quality from Tom Hixson of Smithfield, and this is exactly what you get with our halal hot dogs. Ready to eat and extremely versatile, these superb beef halal hot dogs can be enjoyed either hot or cold to suit your preference.

Halal Beef Bacon

Our quality halal beef bacon crisps up beautifully, offering those well known smoky, salty notes with every bite. With flavourful fat streaks running along the top of the rasher, our halal bacon offers a touch of smoky flavour to your BBQ dishes. Whether you're topping your burgers or wrapping your hot dogs, this bacon will take your BBQ game to the next level.

*Please note that the bacon is frozen and may thaw in transit. Therefore, we do not advise refreezing this.*

Halal Irish Short Ribs

Our Irish farming partner produces exceptional high quality cattle that are naturally reared in open grassy pastures of Ireland. Allowing the cattle to have a stress-free lifestyle, high quality feed is the key to producing great-tasting beef.

These short ribs skillfully cut by our master butchers, deliver sublime flavours and irresistible succulence.

Halal Tom Hixson Wagyu Rump Steaks

The rump steak is a versatile cut that can be grilled, pan-fried, or roasted to perfection. The marbling in our Halal Wagyu beef ensures that the steaks remain tender and juicy, while the rich, buttery flavor is second to none.


*Please note that the steaks are frozen and may thaw in transit. Therefore, we do not advise refreezing these.*

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