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Grading: BMS 8-9

Halal Jack's Creek Wagyu Ribeye Steak BMS 8-9

Halal Jack's Creek Wagyu Ribeye Steak BMS 8-9

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Origin: Australia
Breed: Purebred Wagyu
Marbling Score: BMS 8-9
Feed: 500 Day High Quality Grain Fed

Experience the World’s Best flavour. Winner of this year's World Steak Challenge, the Jack's Creek Purebred Wagyu Ribeye is intricately marbled, delivering a tender, melt in the mouth taste sensation that never disappoints.

The Jack's Creek produce is world renowned, truly masters in their field, producing world class beef. They have a spectacular track record and have won the World Steak Challenge this year! But that's not all, they have previously won the World Steak Challenge in 2016, 2017, 2019 with there world class fillets, sirloins and ribeyes.

This is an excellent achievement in itself, as it is put against 400 steaks from 23 different countries around the world. They have also won Gold Standard certifications in the competition for their fillets, ribeyes and sirloins.

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The beef Ribeye is carved from the fore rib of the cow, boasting an abundance of marbling resulting in rich flavours and juiciness. The Ribeye contains the highest amount of marbling when compared to the other prime cuts, allowing the intermuscular fats to render during cooking, releasing a depth of flavour and juiciness within the meat.