SEPTEMBER - Steak Club Subscription
SEPTEMBER - Steak Club SubscriptionSEPTEMBER - Steak Club Subscription

SEPTEMBER - Steak Club Subscription

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1x Prussian Black Picanha (Diamond Grade) | 1.5kg
2x Asado Wexford Valley Short Ribs (Sliced Across The Bone) | 1kg

Beef Cut: Picanha (Also know as a Rump Cap)
Origin: Germany and Poland 
Breed: Holstein Friesian and Polish Red & White Cattle
Cattle Age: Steer and Heifer (16-24 Months)
Marbling Score: Diamond (BMS 3-6)
Feed: High Quality Grass Feed

Prussian Black Picanha (Diamond Grade)

The Prussian Black produce are sourced from hand selected and unique cattle that deliver an abundance of rich flavours and textures. These qualities are found in hand-picked Steer and Heifer cattle from the Holstein Friesian and Polish Red/White breed. It produces impressive marbling when crossbred, similar to Wagyu.

Our partners who produce this range are true masters in their field, producing world class beef. They have a spectacular track record, having won the World Steak Challenge 3x from 2018 to 2021. This is an excellent achievement in itself, as it is put against 400 steaks from 23 different countries around the world. They have also won Gold Standard certifications in the competition for their fillets, ribeyes and sirloins.

The cattle is reared in Finland and benefits from its excellent climate conditions. Clean air, natural blue lakes and lush green pastures are the secrets behind this great tasting beef. The cattle is grass fed and has a unique flavour that will not disappoint.

Sourced from Steer and Heifer cattle, the Holstein Friesian and Polish Red/ White breeds are raised to 16-24 months. This creates extra tender beef when compared to a fully developed cattle and when crossed it produces a distinct flavour when combined with its high quality grass feed. Finnish farmers strive to breed the limited number of Steer and Heifer cattle, to produce a unique mouth watering taste and experience.

Beef Picanha

Also known as a Rump Cap, taken from the top rump of the cattle. A cut which has built it's reputation in South America as it suits their grill style of cooking. The layer of fat surrounding the picanha fat renders through when cooked creating succulent and rich flavours. This cut is perfect for roasting or using as individual steaks. A South American favourite.

Asado Wexford Valley Short Ribs (Sliced Across The Bone)
Reared naturally upon open grassy pastures, our Irish cattle produces beef of exceptional quality. Skillfully cut across the bone by our master butchers. Delivering sublime flavours and irresistible succulence for the BBQ season and beyond. These ribs are a favourite in South America and are enjoyed on the traditional Asado grill, therefore a must try for all BBQ enthusiasts. This product comes frozen, therefore we do not recommend refreezing upon delivery.

What is the Steak Club?
We are passionate about sourcing the world’s finest steaks. Each country has a unique blend of rearing traditions, breeds and climate which creates truly distinctive beef. 

We want to champion the world-class farmers we work with by showcasing their produce.

By signing up to our subscription service, you will receive exclusive steaks delivered to your door on the first Wednesday of each month.

The sign-up deadline for your first subscription delivery is Sunday before first Wednesday of the month. Thereafter, your subscription order will be delivered on the first Wednesday of each month until you pause or cancel your subscription.

Alongside the produce itself, you will receive details on the provenance which makes it so special, expert chef cooking tips and sommelier wine pairing suggestions.

Unlock extra savings, free delivery and have total control with the ability to pause and cancel whenever you like.

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