At Tom Hixson of Smithfield we are passionate about sustainability. We take great care to ensure that the product and service that we offer is as sustainable as possible. Below are some of the steps we have taken to make sure we play our part in looking after the environment. 

Fully Recyclable Packaging 

We understand the important of recycling and how vital it is that we all play our part in reducing waste. All of our packaging is fully recyclable, helping to limit the amount of waste that is caused by our products. 

Sustainable Farming Partners

We work with a number of hand selected farming partners, ensuring we only choose the very best producers who are as passionate as us about sustainability.  We work with producers who use sustainable practices when it comes to rearing their animals and throughout production. 

Farm To Fork Traceability

We offer farm to fork traceability for all of our produce. Full transparency on production and sourcing can be provided with each and every cut we sell. 

Food Waste

We understand the importance of reducing wastage when it comes to food and how this can have an effect on the environment. We work with a number of partners to tackle food waste in a bid to help minimise where possible. 


We work to ensure that we choose the least impactful mode of transportation when it comes to delivering our goods.