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More Information on Vegetarian Meat

We pride ourselves on working with only the finest producers and ingredients available on the market, to ensure you receive high-quality products to your door. For our vegetarian range, we’ve teamed up with Moving Mountains to bring you tasty plant burgers, available in packs of 18 or 20. Packed with plant protein and vitamin B12, the succulent burger will help satisfy those meaty cravings and fool even the most dedicated carnivores.

What can Replace Meat For a Vegetarian?

If you often crave that delicious meaty goodness from pork, beef, or chicken, why not try and find a great meat alternative? Our Moving Mountains Veggie Burgers can be grilled, barbequed, or fried as any other burger would be, and layered up with your favourite burger toppings. The simple and main ingredients are a base of antioxidant-rich Coconut Oil which provides a fatty satisfying consistency, Beetroot Juice which allows a juicy ‘bleed’ at the centre of the patty, and Plant-Proteins and Mushrooms that provide a succulent texture akin to the bite of meat. Loaded with Herbs, Spices and packed with Vitamin B12 for extra nutrients you’ll surely enjoy this juicy and tasty alternative to the British Beef Burger with all the benefits.

What are Vegetarian Burgers Made up of?

The Moving Mountain Veggie Burgers are made up of 100% plant-based ingredients, including mushrooms, onions, and beetroot, along with pea and whey protein. The natural ingredients and added nutrients make these burgers a great healthy alternative to beef or steak burgers.

Vegetarian Burger Recipe Inspiration

The delicious Moving Mountain Burgers can be used in the same way as our Steak Burgers. If you enjoy a fake-away, try layering your veggie burger with pickled gherkins, pancetta, red onion, mayo, mustard, and ketchup. Use the vegetarian burgers as a replacement for the Dry-Aged Marrow Burgers in any burger recipe.