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Bacon: Streaky

More Information on Streaky Bacon

Our exclusive range of streaky bacon comes from Hampshire, Berkshire, and Gloucester Old Spot boars. The unparalleled quality of these herds offers bacon that is extremely crisp and extremely flavoursome, which can help to elevate a number of breakfast, lunch, or dinner dishes.

The Unsmoked Streaky Bacon comes from the finest pork bellies, specially selected to create crisp and flavoursome bacon. The hint of salt in our traditional recipe helps to draw out the flavours of the meat without dominating them. This creates a gentle taste, with the quality and succulence of the produce speaking for itself.

If you prefer a little more flavour in your bacon, the Smoked Streaky Bacon is perfect for you. A lot of time and expertise has gone into making our Smoked Streaky Bacon so special with the process involving the bacon being hung over oak wood chippings for eighteen hours. Oak is the greatest wood type for complementing and enhancing the natural essences of the bacon, ultimately leaving it with superb and unique flavours.

Each product is expertly trimmed by our master butchers before being delivered to your doorstep. Buy streaky bacon online today, alongside our award-winning sausages, and taste our quality produce. We provide pork in bulk too, allowing you to buy bacon in bulk at unbeatable, wholesale prices.

What is the Difference Between Bacon and Streaky Bacon?

Americans prefer streaky bacon, as such, you will usually see this slightly fatter bacon in many everyday US recipes, in England we typically only use streaky bacon rashers in breakfast dishes such as crispy bacon pancakes or as part of a fry-up.

Streaky bacon (sometimes called side bacon) is also used as a means to add flavour and keep the exterior of meats like chicken and turkey moist. The thicker rashers of streaky bacon add plenty of flavour due to the additional fat running through the meat, preventing drying out after longer cooking times.

British back bacon, on the other hand, is considerably higher in meat content, with a thin rind of fat following down one side. In the US, our traditional rashers are known as Canadian Bacon, whilst not uncommon you will have to ask for this specifically if you are ever across the pond.

Why Do We Call it Streaky Bacon?

We call this cut streaky bacon due to where it’s cut from, the pork belly. The belly has an extremely high fat content, which presents itself in the form of streaks through the rasher. Hence the name streaky bacon.

How Do You Cook Streaky Bacon?

The quickest way to cook streaky bacon is to fry it in a pan on high heat with a dash of oil. As the rashers are thin, they’ll only need one to two minutes on each side to become deliciously crispy. If you’d like to reduce the calorie content, you may not want to add oil as the fat will render down and act as your frying oil.

For those of you who prefer bacon done in the oven, follow this method. Preheat your oven to 200°C, and lay your streaky bacon on a tray. Cook for 18-20 minutes, or until the bacon is done to your liking, remembering to flip your rashers halfway through the cooking time.

How Do You Make Streaky Bacon Crispy?

To ensure you get crispy bacon when cooking, ensure you:

  • Pat the rashers dry with a paper towel before cooking

  • Use a high enough heat

  • Don’t overlap the bacon rashers in the pan

  • Flip the rashers halfway to get an even crisp on both sides