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St. Louis Ribs

More Information on St Louis Ribs

St Louis ribs are a firm favourite for summer gatherings and sharing feasts. These ribs offer exquisite meaty flavour, that is only enhanced further when slow-cooked on the BBQ. We stock a delectable selection of pork and beef ribs at Tom Hixson, sourced from the finest producers and expertly butchered by our team.

The USDA St Louis Pork Ribs are from our US farming partners who have perfected the pork rearing process. All natural and extremely delicious, you can expect premium quality and texture every time. These ribs are a firm favourite in the American smoker community and have recently gained just as much popularity in the UK over recent years.

We also offer these St Louis ribs, which are perfect for slathering in your favourite BBQ sauce and slow cooking over a few hours. These ribs are square cut, coming from the pork belly which means they offer a superb quantity of meat on the bone.

If you’re looking to buy quality pork products in bulk, you can do so on our website. We offer a range of products available to buy in large quantities at wholesale prices. Explore our range of pork sausages, ribs, and bacon, as well as our award-winning beef products.

What Are St Louis Ribs?

St Louis ribs are spare ribs that have been cut in a particular style (the cartilage and breastbone removed) and are typically associated with the St. Louis area. Spare ribs are cut from the pork belly area of the pig. They’re slightly more difficult to cook than other ribs, but offer exceptional flavour once mastered.

What Are St Louis Ribs Called in the UK?

People in the UK sometimes refer to St Louis ribs as spare ribs, as they are technically the same thing, however, St Louis ribs are cut in a specific way. The St Louis ribs get their name from the way the pork is cut, which originated in the St Louis area of the US. This includes a rectangular, uniform shape, fattier meat left on the bone, and trimmed connective tissue.

How Do You Prep St Louis Style Ribs?

Because of our thorough butchering processes, there isn’t much work involved in preparing the meat for your grill or smoker. Your rack of ribs will arrive frozen, within the cartilage already trimmed, so you’ll simply need to defrost in the fridge a day before using.

Take your rack of St Louis ribs out of the fridge and remove the silvery membrane (this should come off easily). Season your pork ribs with sea salt and freshly ground pepper, and if you like, add your favourite spice rub. We like to make ours out of yellow mustard, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, and smoked paprika, as well as fresh herbs. If you have the time, let your ribs sit in the rub for a couple of hours to let the flavours infuse before cooking.

How Do You Cook St Louis Ribs?

St Louis ribs are best cooked low and slow, as this lets the flavours infuse as the meat tenderises. Preheat your barbecue grill to low-medium heat, making sure that the grills are clean, so no unwanted flavours are introduced in the cooking process. Place the St Louis ribs over the grill, and cook for around one-two hours, being careful to turn them frequently so they are evenly cooked on both sides.

Before the ribs are finished cooking, slather on your favourite tangy BBQ sauce. We love using Sauce Shop’s BBQ Sauce, which offers subtle fruity flavours, lightly spiced with a hint of malty beer. Take your ribs off the grill once they have reached your desired level of doneness and serve alongside a fresh crispy salad, chunky cut chips, and a creamy coleslaw.

Are St Louis Ribs Beef or Pork?

St Louis ribs are a pork product, although we do also offer a delicious selection of beef ribs on our website including Wexford Valley Short Ribs and Tom Hixson Wagyu Short Ribs.