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More Information on Abanico Iberico

The Iberico Pork Abanico is an extremely versatile cut of pork, which can be used in a number of different meals. Abanico is a thin piece of pork that is rich in marbling, which makes it perfect for the BBQ being tasty, juicy and crispy.

Working with specially chosen Iberico pork farmers, we have created a high-quality selection of pork that’ll leave your mouth watering. If you’re looking for more Iberico cuts, try our Pork Chops, which are perfect for marinating in seasonal herbs and served alongside hearty veg for a healthy evening meal. Stock up for your next BBQ with our Iberico Pork Ribs, which can be served with cider sauce and fennel slaw. Buy from Tom Hixson of Smithfield and get gourmet meat at wholesale prices delivered to your door.

What Cut is Abanico?

Iberico Pork Abanico is the cut that wraps the ribs from the outside of an Iberian pig. The name of this cut of meat comes from its form and shape, since it resembles a hand fan that many Spanish women use. Abanico is the Spanish word for ‘hand fan’.

What is Iberico Pork?

Iberico pork is pork that comes from the Black Iberian Pig, which is native to Portugal and parts of Spain. The pig’s diet, which is rich in acorns, has an impact on the flavour and texture of the meat. Iberico pork is deliciously nutty in flavour, and offers a unique twist to traditional pork cuts. Often described as the 'Wagyu of Pork' due to its unparalleled marbling, the Iberico pork has a buttery mouthfeel and is incredibly tender and juicy.

Do We Stock Other Iberico Pork Cuts?

Yes, we stock a variety of Iberico pork products that are great for all occasions including easy midweek meals, and impressive dinner party centrepieces. Our impressive Iberico pork range includes Ribs, Presa, Chops, Fillets, Secreto, and Iberico Pork Collar. These incredible cuts can be used in several recipes including, Iberico Pork Chops with Chorizo and Butter Bean Stew, and Slow Cooked Pork Collar with Red Cabbage.