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Kagoshima Japanese Wagyu Brisket A5 BMS 8

Kagoshima Japanese Wagyu Brisket A5 BMS 8

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Wagyu from the Kagoshima prefecture is rare and incredibly sought-after. Winner of the prestigious Japanese ‘Wagyu Olympics’ in 2017 and 2022, Kagoshima Wagyu is unparalleled in quality and consistency, with a creamy marbling and butter-soft texture. Produced in the Kyushu island of Japan, the cattle boast a 70% A5 grading, a standard unique to Kagoshima. 

Origin: Japan

Breed: Wagyu Kagoshima

Prefecture: Kagoshima

Grading: A5- Yield grade (A to C) is the ratio of meat to the total carcass weight. Meat quality grade (1 to 5). The four criteria are: fat marbling, the brightness of the meat; texture, and the brightness of the fat.

Marbling Score: BMS 8

Weight: 8.8-9kg

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Experience a culinary delight with a whole beef Brisket, sourced from the lower back or chest. Comprising of two distinct muscles, the point and the flat, the untrimmed or "packer" cut is ideal for smokers, as it combines both sections of the Brisket for the best experience. 

This is a popular choice amongst the BBQ smoker’s community, as the brisket boasts a thick layer of fat that infuses the meat with an abundant flavour. This allows the fat from the marbling to render through the beef, creating an incredibly moist, tender, and flavourful piece of beef.