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Pork: French Trimmed Rack

More about our French Trimmed Pork Rack

Our French trimmed Iberico pork racks offer incredible flavour and succulence, whilst also showcasing master butchery, making it the perfect cut for simple dishes that let the meat shine. Favoured by Michelin starred chefs, Iberico pork is often considered to be the best pork available due to its intense flavour and great marbling. It is often said to be the pork equivalent of Wagyu beef.

Unlike regular pork, Iberico pork meat is dark, due to the diet of Iberico pigs, typically made up of Spanish acorns and wild shrubs. What’s more, Iberico pork rack meat is often served medium rare, unlike regular cuts of pork which is often treated similarly to chicken.

How Do You Cook French Trimmed Pork Rack?

Our French trimmed pork rack is delivered to you frozen, so it’s important to thoroughly defrost the rack and bring it up to room temperature prior to cooking. Iberico pork rack is best cooked roasted at 180-200°C for 30 minutes per 500g. It should reach a core temperature of 70°C.