Sauce For Rump Steak Recipe
300 grams Butter
4 tablespoons White Wine Vinegar
4 Shallots (Chopped)
3 tablespoons Fresh Tarragon (Chopped)
2 Tarragon Leaves
Ground Black Pepper
4 Egg Yolks
1 teaspoon Lemon Juice

Sauce For Rump Steak Recipe

While there are many different variants of rump steak sauce, Béarnaise sauce is one of the most popular. An original French sauce, Béarnaise sauce is said to be the “child” of the classic Hollandaise sauce, which is famously used in Eggs Benedict.

Sauce For Rump Steak Recipe

This French steak sauce pairs beautifully with rump steak; a cut that can be found in Tom Hixson’s wide collection of beef. Choose the rump heart from the superior Argentine beef range, and discover the most incredibly succulent and tender rump steak available. 

There’s nothing better than a homemade steak sauce to go with a classic rump steak recipe, so today we’ll be sharing our Béarnaise sauce to help you create a delectable rump steak dish. 


    1. Clarify the butter by melting it in a heavy-based saucepan on low heat. When the butter starts foaming, take the pan off the heat and leave it to stand until the white solids sink to the bottom of the pan. Sieve the butter and discard of the solids.

    2. Pour the white wine vinegar into a non-reactive saucepan, before adding the shallots, chopped tarragon and salt (amount depending on personal preference). Heat over medium heat until the volume of liquid has reduced by more than a half. Strain, then set aside until it is completely cool.

    3. Beat egg yolks with 1 tsp of water, then stir the egg yolk in with the cooled vinegar and add the lemon juice.

    4. Pour the mixture into a bowl that’s suspended over a pan of simmering water. Ensure that the bottom of the bowl does not touch the water. Whisk until the sauce has increased in volume and thickened enough to fully coat one side of a spoon.

    5. Take the bowl away from the heat and pour in the clarified butter slowly. Whisk until the mixture is thick and smooth.

    6. Fold in the tarragon leaves and season with the salt and freshly ground pepper to personal preference.

    7. Serve and enjoy!


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