Our Partners

Here at Tom Hixson of Smithfield, we have worked with and established a solid relationship with many well-known brands. See below for further information on our partners.

Savernake Knives

Savernake Knives combine the finest materials, modern innovations and traditional craft to produce the ultimate in everyday kitchen knives. Savernake seeks to create knives that make the cleanest, most graceful cuts, to aid the prep work of any cook (whatever their level of expertise). Each Savernake knife is created to order in their West Country workshop, using state-of-the-art engineering with time-honoured hand techniques.

Utoka Cooler Boxes

Utoka is specialists in robust yet stylish hard coolers. Built to suit every outdoor scenario, Utoka coolers are a great companion for day trips, family picnics and overnighters, ensuring your food and drinks stay chilled until needed. Each box includes innovative features such as bottle openers, easy drain systems, cup holders and chopping board dividers, providing a multi-functional cooler box for all your adventures.

Stalwart Apron Makers

Stalwart Apron Makers produce premium hand-made aprons that are designed to last a lifetime. Their aprons are made with comfort and durability in mind, worn by both professionals working in the catering and hospitality industry as well as home cooks. Stalwart Aprons offer a multitude of key advantages, as well as being stain proof, easy to clean and scratch-resistant, their designs are also customisable, adding a personal touch to these high-quality leather aprons.

Gusbourne Wine Makers

Gusbourne has one clear and simple vision when it comes to winemaking; to create the finest wines in the world. Embracing old-age tradition and paying close attention to detail, Gusbourne is a name steeped in heritage, with an estate that dates back to 1410. Always in pursuit of uncompromising quality, Gusbourne winemakers have received accolades from some of the industry’s most exacting critics, earning them a reputation as a producer of outstanding quality wines.

Catoctin Creek Whiskey Makers

Catoctin Creek is purveyors of fine whiskey, believing in only the highest quality when it comes to producing spirits. Sourcing grain and fruit from local sources that are free of pesticides and chemical additives, results in the finest, cleanest spirits possible. Paying close attention to detail with every single bottle that is distilled, Catoctin’s internationally acclaimed spirits have won numerous awards from across the globe and it’s easy to see why once you have experienced their superb Whiskey.

MEATER Smart Thermometers

MEATER is a name that strives to produce cutting edge culinary tools. MEATER’s smart thermometer is an innovative meat probe that takes all the guesswork out of cooking temperatures. Their state-of-the-art thermometer allows you to receive accurate readings straight to your smartphone, helping you to serve perfectly cooked meats every time. Along with this, the probe also provides a guided cook system to guarantee perfect and consistent results, making overcooked meats a thing of the past. Take a look at ourBBQ Meat Pack curated in partnership MEATER. Packed with over 9kg of quality meats, ideal for all your summer barbecues.