Beef Brisket Recipe

Beef Brisket Recipe

Beef Brisket Recipe

Marinating beef brisket is a really important step when preparing a brisket dish, especially if it’s going to be smoked or barbecued. Smoking a beef brisket can be time consuming and take a lot of effort, so finding the end result to be dry and boring is more than disappointing.

Marinating the brisket beforehand with a beef brisket marinade is a good way to help prevent this. Not only will it help create a juicy brisket, but it’ll help excel the already-luscious flavours beef brisket has to offer.

While there are many different beef brisket recipes and multiple ways to marinade beef, today we’ll be sharing with you one that won’t mask the natural flavours of the meat, but instead propel them.



  1. In a large mixing bowl or pan, mix all the ingredients together thoroughly

  2. If you choose to inject the marinade into the brisket, take the brisket and use a marinade injector to inject the marinade. You should do this in about 1cm increments and inject into all parts of the brisket to ensure it spreads evenly

  3. If you don’t want to inject it, pour/rub the mixture all over the brisket. Place in an oven bag and tie so that it’s secure

  4. Leave the brisket in the fridge overnight ready to smoke, barbecue or cook the next day.

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